Moving Towards Balance

Dear Friends, Family and Outlander fans (teasing!)

We seem to be holding our collective breaths right now and I want to give you something of a panacea. I am inspired to once again share this TWO MINUTE reset with you. You may have learned this with me at live Kryon events (or now at the streaming events) or you may have found it on my website. TWO MINUTES can seem like forever when we’re waiting for a red light to change, or in line at an airport bathroom (personal experience), but here it flies by. Remember that in just two minutes of Balanced Breathing you can:

  1. RESET your immune system – yes!
  2. Balance your blood sugar
  3. Normalize your blood pressure
  4. Take your blood chemistry from acid to alkaline
  5. Normalize your pulse rate.

And back to #1 RESET your immune system (yay!)

I invite you to give to yourself and to your future with this simple yet profound process. TWO MINUTES twice a day – almost effortless – and in big bold letters, you are worth it! Here is the link the instructions AND an mp3 of me talking you through the two-minute journey. Balanced Breathing with Amber