Courses Offered

The 12 Foundational Classes

The 12 Foundational Classes were given to me, Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf, over the course of one year, as preparation for the deep and dynamic teachings of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. My Lemurian Akash was rocked awake continuously as I channeled the Star Mother’s wisdom teachings for each of the unique Foundational Classes.

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Creating Sacred Relationships for Women

The there are widely known  Hindu teachings of Tantric Yoga or Tantric sex, a 5,000-year-old practice meaning ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’, said to increase intimacy by creating a mind-body connection. Sound good? Yes, and there is so much more to sacred relationships.

The Pleiadian teachings on Sacred Relationships pre-dates the Tantric teachings by at least 25,000 years. Here, sacred relationships and sacred sexuality are incorporated into a deeper spiritual, emotional and physical exploration taught by the Pleiadian Star Mothers.


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Creating Sacred Relationships for Men and Women

During the four-class program, aimed at tapping into the power of your sexual/creative energy, you will begin to:

  • Develop a healthier sexual attitude
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with Self and others
  • Find true "presence" where your connection with another is ecstatic!
  • Direct your creative life-force energies - your Kundalini 
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Maiden, Mother, and Wisdom Woman

Pleiadian Teachings of the New Consciousness for the Evolution of Women

The Pleiadian Star Mothers taught the Women of Lemuria, from the womb, until their transition to the non-physical, how to live in the power of their feminine spirit, with the spark of the divine shining through them.

In this 3-part introductory series, classes are composed of the many ceremonies given to Mele'ha by the Star Mothers. Each class connects you to the portal of wisdom in the three phases of life you experienced as a Lemurian woman. Here you find healing balance and bring that re-creation and re-initiation back into your present life.

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