Worldwide Sacred Circles

Hello dear Goddesses!  Kryon has revealed so much about the Sisterhood and our Worldwide Sacred Circles ~ I’m so honored, humbled, and inspired! Here is a link to the Kryon channels from the Lemurian Sisterhood® meetings ~ thank you all (and our  Pleiadian Star Mothers, our Ancient Ancestors) for the magic and healing that has been created in our community.

Women everywhere are called to honor their Divine Feminine and to recreate the Sacred Circles from lifetimes ago. Sacred Circles focus on a community, a Sisterhood of women who come together to empower the Feminine in each of us. Together, this builds a field of energy that connects all women as Sacred Sisters – from each one of us, a Goddess

Grid is growing!

During each Sacred Circle meeting the wisdom of the Divine Feminine is invoked and ignited, through the teachings of the Pleiadian Star Mothers, as the women in the circle activate, meditate, sing and celebrate their Lemurian Akash together. The Circle is a safe and sacred place where women give themselves permission to feel and know their power, their beauty, and their perfection.

We are Sisters together in the greatest awakening of our Age and together we are supporting each other as we create a balanced planet and plant the seeds of peace on Mother Earth.

To become a *Brand Ambassador, **Affiliate, or ***Host of a Sacred Circle, begin by filling out the application, sending it directly to me. I will contact you for a meeting to review your application. May the wisdom of the Goddess guide you.

In the  Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle Brand Ambassador, Affiliate, or Hosting program, the words ‘Lemurian Sisterhood,‘ any Lemurian Sisterhood logos are Registered Trademarks and cannot be used without my express permission, as well as any excerpts or direct quotes or any teachings from the Lemurian Sisterhood, Shamanic Teaching Wheel, or Sacred Circle meetings. Please contact my office if you have any questions.

In loving service, Amber Mele’ha

The Goddess in me recognizes and honors the Goddess in you.

As the Goddess in you recognizes and honors the Goddess in me.

When I am in that place in me, and you are in this place in you,

There is only one of us. Peace on Earth begins within.

To create a template for the Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle Hosting Membership Program, the words ‘Lemurian Sisterhood‘ and my Lemurian Sisterhood logos have become Registered Trademarks. This name and logo are the hallmarks of the authorized Lemurian Sisterhood (and Kryon on the Board of Directors – smile) Hosting Program. Please contact my office if you have any questions. In loving service, Amber Mele’ha

*Brand Ambassador: Are you part of our Facebook community? Do you come to the Sacred Circle meetings or purchase the Wisdom Teachings of the Star Mothers? And do you tell your friends about us?  We’d love to reach more Goddesses and we’d love to reward you for sharing us with your friends. Brand Ambassadors (like you) are our best way of reaching further into the Goddess Community.