When You Find Your Tribe

Dreams have always been the subject of fascination and introspection. Their capacity to reflect our deepest longings, fears, and untapped desires is unparalleled. This morning mine had me in a large audience (unusual these days), standing up waving my arm to be called on. The speaker kept calling on a younger woman - his age. I was about to confront him about that. Then a voice said, "Don't. They won't hear you; this is not your tribe." 

Research into the world of dreams spans across multiple disciplines, from psychology to neurology. Carl Jung, a pioneer in this field, proposed that dreams are a direct connection to the unconscious, housing archetypes and a collective unconscious shared among all humans. His works, alongside contemporary studies, suggest that our nightly narratives are more than just random neural firings, but a complex interplay of our innermost workings.

The dream shared speaks volumes. It tells of a journey with Lee Carroll, Kryon, and the Lemurian Sisterhood - a time of global connection and a time for belonging. The transition from a vibrant, traveling community to an online "commUnity" mirrors a global shift many have experienced due to the pandemic. This period of isolation, while necessary, has left a void for many, as the social fabric that once held us close unraveled before our eyes. Today it is slowing being rewoven for many folks.

Isolation, as comfortable as it may seem for some, especially introverts, is not without its toll. The Blue Zone, a documentary recommended for its insightful look into longevity and well-being, notes the importance of social bonds. It underscores how, despite the contentment in solitude, human connection is crucial for emotional and physical health.

Venturing out into the world again can be daunting. Teaching weekly yoga and meditation classes, or starting a book club, are courageous steps towards rebuilding these necessary connections. They are the physical manifestation of the subconscious nudging that occurs in dreams. It's a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the desire to not let the "croning years" be solitary.

The 11/11 live event mentioned is another beacon of outreach, a call across the void to gather once more. It's a reminder that while our dreams can guide us, we must take active steps in our waking life to fulfill those inner directives.

The question posed to the community - "How do you nurture your need for your tribe?" - opens a dialogue about how we maintain and foster the connections that feed our soul. It's an invitation to share, learn, and perhaps discover new ways to satisfy our social longings in this ever-changing world.

As we sift through the ephemeral visions of our sleep, it's worth investigating the messages left behind. Whether it's a longing for community or a directive towards self-growth, these dream-born insights are invaluable. They serve as a compass, pointing us toward healing and growth, urging us to find our place within the tapestry of humanity.

In conclusion, let's embrace the wisdom offered in our dreams. They are not mere illusions but reflections of our deepest selves, providing direction and insight. As we dream, may we find loving messages and guidance that propel us towards our true tribe, towards places where our voice is heard, and our presence felt.

Remember, dreams are not just the mind's way of sorting through the day's debris. They are narratives rich with meaning, waiting to be explored. And in exploring them, we discover not just ourselves, but also the communities and connections that we yearn for - the tribes where our spirits soar, and our hearts find peace.

In our quest for connection, may our dreams be the map to the tribes we seek, and may our waking actions lead us to the fulfillment of those nocturnal whispers.

Your thoughts and experiences are valuable to this journey. How have your dreams guided you towards your tribe? Share your stories, and let's navigate this dream-laden quest together. 

I celebrate my introvert-ness and are delighted to have good friends who are extroverts!