It Doesn’t Always Stay In Vegas

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It Doesn’t Always Stay In Vegas

Surprise rolls through me when something so ‘earthly’ comes from the Star Mothers! In 2021 they told me the theme for the year was Unity through CommUnity, and it beautifully was.

This year when I asked them their theme they said, “Unity through Community.” Me, “Really, again?” Them, “Yes, and double down.” Me, “Do what? Gambling references, really?”

The dictionary definition of “double down” is: To take a further risk in a situation or to passionately re-commit one’s efforts to a course of action. Is that why they say it in Vegas? OK, I’m in!

The Star Mothers got my attention and I trust that have a plan – we get to ride the wave as it magically unfolds.

Let’s double down together! Bring more unity, joy, awareness, and light to the world … we are still transforming! This is my open invitation for you to engage in my CommUnities – let’s play and grow as we re-create the world!

In the heart of the sweet divine, Amber Mele’ha