Inspiration Evaporation


Does it seem like when we need it the most, we are least inspired? Whether it’s getting things done around the house, or taking care of ourselves, it seems that inspiration can have a definite ebb and flow. Is this true for you, too? (or is it just me?) We can be going along, eating right, exercising, drinking enough water, doing our mantras and mediations, engaging in social time with our friends, when it seems that suddenly some challenge hits us and we can go off course and downhill.


Why does the inspiration we initially filled with evaporate when we need it the most? Does it only happen when we get hit with something stressful or maybe boredom? Or? The detective in me loves to ask questions and look for answers. Is it possible that we can’t be balanced all the time? The evidence seems to support more of an ebb and flow. Maybe it’s the moon, or something bigger. Perhaps there’s more to my life’s happenings that I know of - what do you think?


There are some (few) folks I have known who are unshakeable in their commitment to self-care, no matter what; my beloved Sid was one of those people. In my mind, he’s still my positive role model for self-care. In the 15 years that we were together, I bet he didn’t miss a dozen days of morning exercise routine (yep, that’s about once a year). Wherever (in the world) we were he had his morning routine and inspired me (sometimes a very travel-weary me) to take care of myself by getting out of bed and get moving (smile). Good memories, and great motivation.


What does it take for you to get out of Inspiration Evaporation to love and care for yourself? Sometimes it helps to have a workout buddy, (who can be 4-legged!) or a reward (post-work, of course). Sometimes you have to wait, just wait until inspiration strikes again. I’ve found that it’s also useful to set small goals in the beginning. For example, can you do self-care five out of seven days, try for three or four?


You’ll be surprised at how meeting and surpassing small goals can reward and encourage you to do more. We all know how not meeting our goals can build up a negative feedback loop, and who needs that shame and guilt-tripping? Congratulate yourself on one thing you did for your self-care today, and maybe that day was a day of rest!


When our self-love and self-care become more integrated, becomes a new good habit, that turns into its own reward. I’ve noticed that as I give loving support to myself, it becomes easier and easier - the new habit - and is still. Of course, I’m not at 100% all the time… that ebb and flow thing, and I’m learning to honor the wave. When the tide is in, its time to boogie. When the tide is out, time to chill.  So, the sun is shining, the sidewalks are clear. What is your inspiration, your reason for loving yourself today?