ElectroMagnetic Energy

As the sun begins Her climb each day and the energy of the many astrological dances affect our lives, I know that our light grid keeps our awakening community connected! Thank you for the conscious effort you put forth each day to create your internal world of healing waves that roll out into the world!

Each moment is precious, and many of us have schedules that can pull us out of Being present. The number of things already on my calendar through 2021 and the deliciousness of the now keep me dancing! When I am not as present as I would like, the more practice I get to have, coming back to now… human/divine, seeking balance.

One of the most potent ways I stay present is through the nurturing HeathMath technique called QUICK COHERENCE. All it takes is

  1. Focusing my awareness on the heart or heart area,
  2. Slowing down my breath and breathing more fully, and
  3. Focusing on a feeling or a sense of gratitude, appreciation, caring or compassion.

Just keep that up for a few minutes, then come ‘back’ and feel present… feeling ‘here’ instead of everywhere else! Give it a try and remember that we are in charge of creating our own magic, and that starts with PRACTICE and INVITING the magic work for us.

The best birthday ever! Stonehedge and Glastonbury! How Spirit figured this out for me remains mysterious but fills We had 4 private tours of Stonehenge that day, starting at sunrise and ending at sunset. I was connecting to the glory of the Ancient Ones, as I gave the meditations before the Kryon channels through out the day and into the evening.

Is this life-changing? Yes! My cells are still vibrating! All of the gifts I received throughout the month I spent in the UK, are still rippling out.

Feeling the DNA of our Ancestors vibrating in these historic places gave me a sense of timelessness. I am in wonder of those (that I was) that went before me. Kryon says we are our own ancestors, and that olde land is a place where many of us had lives – it was palpable! The collective group energy helped us to absorb the presence of the ancients more fully, deeply and deliciously.

As we who were there in the physical continue to integrate the energies of the sacred land, we remain connected through the grid to those of you who were tuning in to the Tour in the non-physical – our energetic web becomes one beautiful Family of LIGHT!