A Great Chain of Being

My dear Family,

My dad told me, “It’s always good to thank your Mother,” meaning that gratitude is always welcome. I still appreciate that when I remember to give thanks for the miracle of our collective mother, Mother Earth.

I see us each as a link in a Great Chain of Being, inexorably affecting each other and our whole biome/virome/planet – a huge, beautiful living organism!

You can celebrate GAIA each day by taking the time to say “thank you” to our most benevolent planet. Join us on our new FB page, The Power of Women’s Prayers, where we’ve focused on Gaia this month. Visit and leave a thank you note to GAIA, or simply enjoy the gratitude there.

As my beautiful friend, Monika Muranyi says, “Thank you GAIA for loving me. Thank you GAIA for giving me everything I need to thrive.”

I invite you to empower yourselves through education and conscious decision-making so that we continue building a community – an Earth Ship – of informed and caring Light Beings!

Shining my heart light to yours, Amber Mele’ha