September 17, 2020 New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – English

September New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers
September 17, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

The following is a transcript of the event presented by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on September 17, 2020. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please consider that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Mele’ha – Greetings and Introduction

Hi beautiful family, I wanted to connect with you on this new moon time. We had a little glitch – I do not know why – with Facebook Live, so I am starting again. I will post this as soon as it is created to stay in the energy of the new moon, take a breath, and be oh so patient. So thanks to all of you who have joined me on Facebook Live. Now hopefully, you will see this. So now, we are clearing the deck and starting over.

We are in the new moon in the Fall Equinox, so we have a lot going on. I began these portals on the Spring Equinox, and I did three. That was the instructions from the Star Mothers then. Now we are six calendar months from the first New Moon Portal. So six new moons since that, and it seems like so much has been crammed into those six moons. And now we are in this new moon cycle here, and we are moving towards the Equinox, the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere, which is the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere. So we have been building these to the Star Mothers now for six moons.

And if you think back just one moon as to what your life was like – and two and three and four and five – what was March? In March, we still thought that the COVID would last a couple of months. We did not really remember that we had planned to make a whole new world.

Here we are using things like the portals to the Star Mothers to connect with them and connect with all of us, this beautiful family that we are, to connect all of us through these portals and through our intentions. So I will use the cards, the Lemurian Activation Cards, to build this portal, and I will swing my camera around and point it down at my table right here in front of me so you can watch me build this. I know from past experience we cannot get everything on camera. But I can get a lot.

I am going to start by putting out the cards. We are going to build a circle with these eleven cards, and it is a clockwise circle. So we start with eleven and then Star Centers one, two, three, four – the heart – and six, the throat, seven – the crown-, eight – the Star Mothers -, nine – the Divine Feminine -, and ten, the Divine Masculine.

So once we have built the portal, we bring the elements of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. There are five plus you, so six elements. The first element I am going to put in is fire. I have these red crystal bracelets here. That is going to represent fire. In the true Shamanic Teaching Wheel, fire is fiery emotions. So red is a perfect color for that. And then I have water right here, which are these tiny little bits of the masculine and feminine. These are little bits of water from the two different springs at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England.

And today for wind, I have this goddess that is painted on wood. And because it is wood, it also has the trees’ energies, but it feels like the wind is blowing here, her hair and her garments. So that was a gift from a friend that painted that on a little piece of wood there. So there she is. Now we have fire, water, and wind. So now we need Earth. I have two things. I have this right here, which is leaves that are cast in metal. So this represents what grows in the Earth, so I will use that.

For my culture, what I decide to use today was this cup of the goddess, another goddess with a heart handle. It is also from Glastonbury, but it was a gift, and it came home in a suitcase. I have decided to put this big, beautiful geode that represents the One Source in the center, my relationship with the One Source.

So, there it is. You know, as I said earlier, however you do this is okay, whatever you channel, that feels like the right way for you to be with these elements. And they can always be different. The idea is that we are connecting, right now, to this. It is the energy of the Lemurian Activation Codes, and it is the energy of the Star Mothers, and it is the things that represent these different parts of you that we have brought together.

Now, if you would like to just relax, I will read you the cards all around the Circle. And then the Star Mothers will channel. So just take a breath. You can close your eyes. There is only this to be seen, almost until we are finished. So here we go. We begin, and we end with Star Center 11 in reverence to the Divine Mother Gaia.

Mele’ha reads all of the cards, starting and ending with card number 11.

Take a breath, allowing the energy of the portal of the Sacred Circle to surround you. And take another breath as we welcome the Star Mothers deeper into this time, this Circle.

Star Mothers

Dear Shining Ones, we step forward. We always are around the outer rim of your Circle, you would call it holding space. We would call it standing in the grace of the Divine that we are and that you are. There is no separation; there is no space between us. But the human mind likes to think about that, likes to wonder if.

So, we announce ourselves as arriving so that you may begin to feel what it is like to live with the chemistry, with the DNA of a Star Mother within you. There are pieces of us in all of you. And when you create these beautiful portals, you are calling us with your intention.

And this is the time in the dark of the moon to create new intention, to let go of what has come in the last cycle. That is why, in the times when we were together, the women’s’ cycle would be like that. They would be fertile on the full moon, and they would bleed on the new moon.

We have moved very far from that in your world, have you not? We have watched. However, the more intention you give to being in harmony with the cycles of nature, the more attention you give to your own cycles, whether or not you still have menses, you still have cycles, whether or not you are a man or woman, you still have cycles. The more attention you bring to those cycles, the more you can use that energy in concert, in harmony with you for your creation and for your quiet time, for the going inside time.

Now to pay attention to those times, to your cycles takes intention and attention. And in your world, it is very easy to be drawn away from the inner part of you, so many hours spent on the Internet, so much thinking, so much designing.

We have told you through these eleven cards that we have created with Mele’ha, we have told you exactly how to use your body’s energy centers. There is not a necessary process that you create. It is created. You just get to let it unfold. If this is what your Akash is ready for, if this is what you are willing to surrender to, to trust, then your creation is only a part. You do not have to make anything happen. You wait, the hardest thing for the human to do, wait, and open to the synchronicity.

Read the cards again if you need to, to remind you that you are right now a part of Spirit’s plan for all humanity who chooses. This is so simple. You do not need to make it complex. So this is our teaching for today. Read the cards. Read them again. Leave them where you can read them every day. You have created this beautiful portal. The cards are around them. Read them. You may memorize them, maybe, if you read them enough. And then instead of what goes on inside your mind that is tugging at you, that is bringing you into fear, you will have our words, the words of the Star Mothers to create your reality, instead of creating fear.

Take a breath, please. We leave you with that, oh magnificent creators of your reality. This is a tool for you. These are the words that will help you along the way. Meanwhile, feel our love around you, and if you can imagine that we have arms to hold you, we do. We have this boundless love. We have this heart that continues to expand to hold more love for the human as you grow into your new beingness.

We step back now and give the meeting back to our dear Mele’ha. We thank all of you for saying yes to your Divine Lemurian Akash.

Closing Words

Take a breath. Take another breath. Take another breath. And here I am back with you, Dear Beloved Ones. Thank you so much for being with me today. I do not know what is going on with the Internet and why it got all weird. Fortunately, I have another way to bring this message to you to make this portal and create it with you. Please remember that I am having a beautiful meeting on the 22nd, September 22, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. mountain time. I would love to have you join me.

And until the next time, you are always in my heart.

Aloha and Mahalo.