October 16, 2020 New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – English

October New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers
October 16th, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

The following is a transcript of the event presented by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on October 16th, 2020. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please consider that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Mele’ha – Greetings and Introduction

Hi beautiful family, I am happy to connect with you all on this New Moon. Tomorrow night I will be having a meeting from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Pacific time. I know that you are used to seeing everything listed in Mountain Time, but I am not in Colorado at the moment. Right now, I am in Arizona. Now here is the fun and tricky part. On November 1st, when the Mountain Time states set the clock back in time, I will not because Arizona does not change time. Arizona just goes with our neighbors right now in California for the winter. We are with our Colorado neighbor. So if you are planning on joining me tomorrow evening, remember that it is in Pacific Time, 6:00 p.m. Pacific time. You can register on my website. You can see it in the calendar of events. I have been getting little messages from the Star Mothers about that meeting, so it should be interesting what they have to say about how this the umbrella of the last 25,000 years has really been. It is amazing when you look at it through the eyes of the Star Mothers.

We had such a great time this weekend being together in the physical. At the very last minute, something miraculous happened. We were in this little town, which is a suburb of Tucson. You cannot tell if it is different from anything else. Those responsible had created a special dispensation for their city, including the hotel where we were presenting. So we were able to have 100 socially distanced people at our event instead of 40. You can imagine that we had a big waiting list because we had never done anything like this before. I do not know if we will ever do something like it again. We will do something different.

So that was one of the magical synchronicities that happened to get this weekend together so that we could have local people. However, we did have people come from all over the place, literally from all over the planet. The authorities were very strict about social distancing and wearing masks. It was an excellent time to be together with our Star Family in the physical. Ka’imi, a beautiful Hawaiian Lemurian soul, brought a chant from the Star Mothers she gave to me. She also presented on stage on Sunday. It was a chant about welcoming the Royal Blood of the Lemurians. The Little Stars is what it is called. She had the whole audience doing it together. It touched my heart profoundly and was really fun.

We are truly circling the globe. The Star Mothers are giving us so much right now. I feel enormously blessed by their information that continues to guide us. I just completed module I of Lemurian Sacred Sexuality. There are four classes, and two of them I teach together with Shamir Ladhani. These are being translated into French, Czech, and Spanish and will all be available on the Lemurian Shamanism School at Teachable.com. You will be able to tune into their information and some beautiful ceremonies that they (the Star Mothers) gave as a gift.

I feel so blessed to have their presents to recalibrate the times in our lives as women, like our first period or the first time we had sex. If you think back to those times, they were not that good. They were not that good. And then, of course, this next Module II will be with men and women, so we will be diving a little more deeply into connecting the masculine and feminine energies sexually and creatively. The Star Mothers keep downloading information about that for me to receive. I believe that it is really the most important thing for us in these times.

So when I create these portals to the Star Mothers with you, we connect to the energy in the cosmos right now. Here we are well through October. As we construct our portal this month, you bring the five elements, the Shamanic Teaching Wheel’s five spokes, to the portal. Those elements are fire, earth, wind, culture, and water. You could also say earth, wind, and fire, which is kind of a pun. So earth, wind, fire, water, and culture. Culture represents the culture of who you are. There is a general culture. For example, I am a female, or I am in a certain age bracket, although I am, of course, ageless and timeless! I have this color skin. I live in this part of the world. I speak this language. Culture can also go much deeper. Culture can be: I am a person of New Consciousness here to help change the planet. Or it can be whatever it is for you. Of course, in your culture, you may be a mom. You may be a partner, a wife, or a husband. You may be a person that is in a committed relationship. It may be about your work. Any of those things is the culture of who you are. And that is important when we study further in the Shamanic Teaching Wheel.

So I am pretty sure that is what the Star Mothers wanted me to be introducing this to you since March. I started right here in this little room doing these portals to the Star Mothers. I will keep going until spring, until March. That was their directive.

So we have those five elements. Those are the spokes of the wheel. And we have the hub of the wheel, and that is God. God and you. All of those things. What does that represent? I have been doing this since March. I did three of them in March and then April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. So I have done ten; this is the tenth wheel and interestingly in the tenth month.

And each time I do, I use five different elements for the spokes, whatever relates to that. Wind could be a feather. Or it could be a picture of a feather or a flute or a whistle or a wind chime or something like that. Wind also represents change. It has energy. We do not say air because air is just there. It is stagnant. When it moves, it becomes something else, right? It becomes a breeze or wind as we call it.

I have used many elements from around my home in these wheels. Think about it, ten wheels and ten portals. So a couple of times, I have been guided to do the same kind of thing that represents different aspects. One time here in Tucson, I used little bowls that people had given me as gifts, as mementos of their travels around the world. Last month I used differently colored beautiful bracelets with crystals and other stones, all made by Jan Tober, who is actually responsible for Kryon being connected to Lee Carroll. So I really love the energy of that.

Today I have used only goddesses. So you can see this. It is the goddess’s day in the wheel. Without leaving this little area of my home, I have brought all these different goddesses to the party. So I have set this up already. Usually, I set up the cards when we are talking. I have set it up already because it is kind of a unique circle. I am going to move the camera, and then you can see the wheel. You will not see me. And I will talk about the circle. Then I will go through the cards.

So here we are in my little circle. And I did goddesses, and I put the cards on them. So you begin down here with Star Center 11 and then go clockwise. This is Star Center 1 that represents the first chakra. This is Star Center 2. 3, 4, 5, 6 is over there by the Star Mother. 7 is that Quan Yin, 8, 9, 10, and back to 11.

This is the powerful goddess Sarasvati. Because she is the goddess of manifesting things, she came right here to number 3. And this is just a beautiful goddess that has been with me for a very long time. Then the next one here is the goddess of fertility. She is African and was a birthday gift to me from some dear friends. And then, of course, the Star Mother. And then for Star Center 7 is Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion. Compassion is really what the Star Mothers taught us. Number 1 is compassion.

And then in the center for me, I have this little angel. She is beautiful, made from a Victorian-era greeting card. And then I have this little Mother Mary. They are keeping each other company.

I will now read the cards to you and then just do a short channel from the Star Mothers. We start as we always do with Star Center 11. If you would, come into a meditative place and space where you feel connected to the Star Mothers and the beautiful energy surrounding us here in the sacred circle. And take a breath. We begin with Star Center 11.

Mele’ha reads all of the cards, starting and ending with card number 11.

Thank you, Star Mothers, for this beautiful system of reawakening the Lemurian Codes inside of us, activating those ancient memories, and bringing us closer to you. So, if you would, just close your eyes. Take another breath and sink more deeply into the activation, into the messages and perhaps envision the portal next to you or in front of you or around your portal to the Star Mothers open and receiving energy, receiving the guidance and wisdom, the compassion and the benevolence from the Star Mothers.

The Star Mothers

Dear Shining Ones, we step into the portal as it is. Everyone who is creating this, everyone who is holding this particular form in their consciousness, we are with you. We know that you hear the word “portal” a lot in your days, and this is as it should be. It is the focus. It is the place. It is the time for the energy, the benevolent energy of the cosmos, to step in, to pour in, and to stream in so that it may support the transformation that is taking place on your planet.

Yes, we recognize that there is chaos, there is fear, there is unsurety, but that is always part of transformation. If you take a small portion of that and look at your own life and times, the new things have happened to you, what is the first thing you have done? Have you opened your mind and your eyes and your heart and your arms and said, “Bring it on! I am ready. Today is a great day to transform my life!” Of course, you did not. We know that, and that is okay. That is part of being human, being cautious, and perhaps a bit fearful because something new and different is scary. And yes, these are those kinds of time.

We ask you to take these times of transformation as a gift. And as much as you hold that gift, you will receive more gifts. If you throw the gift away or are afraid to open it, the fear will prevail. It is no mistake that these past more than thirty years, well 25,000 years, have been preparing you for this time. We have said this before, but we repeat it for this group now. Before the Star Mothers could come to the planet and set up the nodes and nulls system, the magnetic field had to be ready for that energy system to be activated. And who do you suppose, that you know now, was the energy of that magnetic grid? The Magnetic Master, of course, who has come since the Harmonic Convergence to be a spokes-being for the awakening of this energy, to reassure all of you that this energy of transformation is the energy of love.

You are giving birth to a New Humanity and a new place in your consciousness. This is not the first time that this happened on this planet. It happened in Lemuria. And there you literally gave birth to new humans and new consciousness. Here you are awakening that same DNA and giving birth to the New Consciousness inside the New Human that is already here. This is a cause to celebrate! And each time you create a portal to the Star Mothers, you call us. We hear you. We know you really, really mean it. Of course, we are always with you. But when your heart and your mind are directed into the gifts, into the love, into the light that the New Human brings, when you are focused, that is when the gifts that you open are the manifestations of all that can be right with your world.

So we ask you, our most loved children, we ask you to continue to honor your awakening. Honor yourselves, not us. We are not in need of that; you as humans are. Please continue to honor the awakening of your consciousness, of your physical body, of your emotional body, of your connection to your community, your light connecting to each other’s light, touching each other across the great void of the earth where not much traveling in the physical is happening. This is a replication. Your nonphysical traveling and your internet traveling is a replication of how we travel in our consciousness then and now. We do not need the internet to be with you. Our consciousness knows no time and space. But you have that tool to connect to your community.

So celebrate that. Celebrate that twenty years ago, should this transformation have possibly happened, it would have been quite challenging. And perhaps a collapse would have happened very deep into the society and the fabric of your world. Now it is much better timing, and you are connected with the community of old souls who are celebrating the New Lemuria, the awakening of the New Humanity.

Take a breath and please place a hand on your heart and say,

Yes, I am here. I am ready, and I am willing to say yes to the great gifts that are here for me now. I say yes to my community and the beloved ones that reach out to me and that I reach out to. And we support each other. I say yes to the portals of the Star Mothers and how they touch my humanity and my divinity. I say yes to my soul.

Take a breath, and as you leave this time with Mele’ha today, let your portal continue to vibrate outside you and inside you. Share it with others. Let them feel what it is to have this community of lightworkers who so love each other and who are so learning to love themselves.

We step back now. We stay in the portal and step back from the meeting. We look forward to our divine time with you again very soon.

Closing Remarks

Thank you, Star Mothers! Thank you, thank you.

I am going to come back and see you now. Hi, I feel good. I am going to leave my portal up here for a while so that I can enjoy it. I hope you enjoy yours and the energy of today’s connection. Thank you all for being here. Divine love flowing from my heart to yours. Thank you so much.

Mahalo and aloha.