November 30, 2020 November Full Moon Lemurian Lunation – English

November Full Moon Lemurian Lunation
November 30th, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf


Hello beautiful friends and family! Welcome to Lunation, Lemurian Lunation, here for the twelfth moon of this cycle. We had two full moons in October, so we will celebrate the twelfth moon in this eleventh month. I will be doing one more of these lunations in this program, this cycle, and then something new will begin.

As we call it in the Julian Calendar cycle, this November Full Moon comes around at the beginning of what is known in astrology and astronomy as the eclipse season. There are several eclipses, one following another, and this is the beginning, the first one. This eclipse gives us an opportunity to feel ourselves shedding layers that no longer serve us, things that we want to leave behind. We do not always do that because we want to do it. We sometimes do it because we have to do it. But I find it much nicer to have it be my idea, your idea, than being pushed into it by some outside force in the cosmos or society or whatever it might be. It seems to be an opportunity, and yet it is not a surprise.

The eclipse season is about shedding, and we may feel a little vulnerable because of that. A good metaphor would be cleaning your closet. And this may, indeed, be a good time to do that! Or perhaps it is time to take on a project that you have been putting off and get it out of your life. When I clean out an area, I know for myself that I get rid of things that I had an excellent reason for holding onto. They have been there all the time, but they have not served me. So I let them go, whatever they are. I say, “Thank you for serving me as long as you did. Now go into the world and be with someone else or serve someone else in whatever way.” We cannot truly create the opening that the New Moon eclipse creates while staying in that full closet scenario. Allow the shedding to happen. Allow that which is underneath to surface. Trust in the Divine to provide you with what is next. You may not have any idea what will go into that closet of yours, or that part of your life, or your physical routine. You may just have to let go and trust that Spirit has the perfect plan for you.

This Full Moon and this eclipse are powerful feminine energy. I love to talk about this theme, as you know. How can we nurture ourselves? By the way, this is for men to do as well. How can we allow that feminine energy to really just bathe us, nurture us, and nourish us as we go through this cycle? As we let go, we see what may or may not be ahead of us that we do not know. Feel that it is okay. We are cared for, nourished, and nurtured by the Divine Feminine, especially now, especially in this November Full Moon.

It is a beautiful thing, and we are here on Earth to experience such things. This is also a good time to realign with our true destiny and our true purpose. We may have been a little off the course lately because the world is changing so much. What is the real course? Where do we need to be now? See if you can move into that place. It may mean letting go of some current plans or some current ideas you had in mind. Maybe it has to do with where you were going to spend the holidays. Perhaps it has to do with what you had thought last year you would do next year. If you can be in a place where all is well, where we are loved, the Divine Feminine, this lunar energy, this part of the cycle, gives us, nourishes us with everything we need. It is not just enough to survive but to thrive when we are in that place of feeling well and well-being. We can trust that the Divine is benevolent and will take care of us. Whatever is going on in our topsy-turvy world, we always have a place in the Heart of the Divine.

Take a breath with that. Now I would like to read you the Lemurian Activation Code Card number 11 even though we are on our twelfth moon. I did not do two lunar cycles last month; I just did one. Here we are with Star Center 11. I invite you to close your eyes and let these words, the words of the Star Mothers that came through me almost 4 years ago. Let them come along with you and flow into you. Let yourself feel how they wash over you. Take a breath.

Star Center 11

From mother Gaia comes the origin of your Humanity. Sending the frequencies of Her crystalline grid upward through your crystalline structure, She is your regenerating strength. Through Her, you are stabilized and revitalized. All is in Divine Order when you acknowledge and esteem your relationship and bond to the Earth Mother.

Star Center 11

Take another breath. You are welcome to leave your eyes closed as I go a little more deeply into this message with you. Star Center 11 begins with

From Mother Gaia comes the origin of your Humanity.

We know that we come from the dirt of the Earth. Our biology comes from the very beginning of life as a single cell organism on this planet.

We continue with

Sending the frequencies of Her crystalline grid upward through your crystalline structure, She is your regenerating strength.

We know that Gaia, our beautiful planet, is covered inside with the crystalline grid, which is part of the inside/outside communication between the magnetic field and the Earth’s mantle, the Earth’s crust, and the crystalline grid that is in there. Because we come from her, she, Gaia, the Earth, sends her frequency up through us, up through our crystalline structure. That stabilizes and revitalizes us. Sometimes a person will say, “I really need to ground.” Or someone says, “You really are not grounded. Go outside. Walk in the grass. Take off your shoes.” That is exactly what happens when we stand on the Earth, whether it is grass or sand or dirt or a stone, whatever it is, when we stand on the Earth, we tune into that crystalline grid. We feel and draw Gaia’s energy, that beautiful, feminine, regenerating, rebalancing energy, up into us. Our crystalline grid gets so happy!

All is in Divine Order when you acknowledge and esteem your relationship and bond to the Earth Mother.

Here, the Star Mothers say that all is in Divine order when we see how we as humans living on Earth acknowledge that we could not be here without the Earth. Indeed, the Earth was doing just fine without us. But we need all of the resources that she has to survive. We need water. We need sunshine. We need dirt. We need wind. We need snow and rain. We need all of these things. We need her magnetic field. We need the atmosphere. We need all of that to survive. We need the plants. We need the animals. Without all of these beautiful things coexisting on Mother Gaia, we would not live.

Look a little more deeply into the part where the Star Mothers say …

… you acknowledge and esteem your relationship and bond to the Earth Mother.

This means we acknowledge how important the Earth is to us. We are grateful, and we are not taking advantage of the resources that she freely offers. They just happen. Sun just happens. Rain happens. Wind happens. Plants happen.

Pumping the resources out of the ground to give us bigger, fancier things is not esteeming. If we were to take, say, a quart of motor oil and go into the grocery store and pour it over the vegetables, they would not be edible. But there are some places on the planet where cars are allowed to burn oil without regulation. The result is that the air is heavily polluted and that pollution gets inside people as a form of metal. It also gets inside the food they grow, and they ingest it, a form of metal. A lot of the food grown in this country is grown on the side of highways where exhaust settles.

It is heavy, so it settles down, and we ingest that. This is not esteeming Gaia and her creation, Gaia herself, her amazing creations, and ourselves. It is not esteeming us either. As we look into our future and as we live in our now, what can we do that says to beautiful Gaia how much we appreciate her? Food for thought.

What I like to do now is bring you a direct message at this moment, these times, from the Star Mothers. Let us take a breath. Settle into your being. Let the outside stay on the outside. Let the inside begin to soften and become more connected with the center of your body, with all of your Star Centers running from the first chakra up to the top of your head. Allow that connection to breathe you.

Star Mothers

Dear Shining Ones, we step into your circle. We are delighted to be with you for this Moon, Mele’ha’s Moon Time. Oh! Perhaps, Mele’ha, that is a new name for your meeting. Perhaps, perhaps not. We like to tease you, you know.

So we are here with you to bring the essence of this moon time forward for you to experience and to remind you that we, the Star Mothers, specifically chose a planet with a moon that affected the water of the planet. This is a very beautiful and delicate balance. Your body – as you know – is made of 80% water. The planet is also covered with 80% water, as are many of its inhabitants within the water. This is a perfect balance. This is part of the cycle of having humanity living on the Earth. From the very beginning, the Earth has been in tune with the Moon’s feminine energy cycles until that was no longer because you were not living under the Moon and stars and under the Sun. You have been living in boxes with controlled lighting. Day and night are regulated by something other than what is going on outside.

The Moon, the tides, and the Divine Feminine all are being accentuated now as your Earth goes through her many changes. Yes, the Earth herself is going through many changes, as are the people. This is a cycle. We are not afraid of this cycle. And the less afraid you are, the easier the cycle will be, the more cohesive for communities will be. There is only power inside of you, for there is no reason to fear what is outside. It is change just like every moment change in the Moon cycle. You may see the moon as full or new or a quarter or a sliver. But every day, she is something different, something unique. It is for the energy of your planet, of your country, of your city, of your street, of your home, of your body.

Have you noticed? Every day your energy, your feelings, are just a little different. So it is the Full Moon. Just notice, Beloved Shing Ones, your rhythm, her rhythm, your cycle, her cycles. And those cycles are broader than you imagine. Perhaps sometime during the day, you are feeling lots of energy and other times not. Perhaps sometime during the week or the month, New Moon, you feel less energy. This is because of the influence of the Moon. The more attention you pay, the more acknowledgment you give that you are not in charge of everything, the easier it will be for you. You can work with these energies instead of pushing. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

So we ask you this, dear Beloved Star Seeds, darling Shining Beings. We love you so greatly! We touch Mele’ha’s heart with our love in hopes that she can pour it forth to you in her words. Here is our direction for you. Dear children of the Star Mothers, we ask you to spend as much time in the moonlight as you can, especially when the Moon is full. Please try to acknowledge her each day, each evening, no matter what the phase is. Step out away from your building just for a moment and acknowledge that she is there and that she has a magnetic field that influences your magnetic field. And if you can stand on the Earth reaching your arms up to the heavens, let that magnetic field pour through you and perhaps imagine this analogy.

As a stringed instrument would be attached at both ends and played or plucked by the musician, a vibration is created that runs through the string’s whole length and the other strings around it. This is you, dear Shining One, you with your feet on the Earth and your arms stretched sky, to the Moon, to the stars, to the Sun. The cosmic symphony of one note is playing through you, and it is joined – your one note – by the other notes of those on the Earth who are doing this when you are. The heavens celebrate this symphony because they know that you are the ones who are creating this cosmic community, this attention to the Earth, the Moon, and the heavens, this symphony working with them, being in tune with the Moon and letting that music, that harmony, all of that, flowing from you and letting it flow to you.

Take a breath, please. Think a little more deeply into the musical metaphor. You know your cells are listening to the vibration. They are held in water, and water resonates and vibrates. So you see, Beloved Ones, that this whole planetary creation really supports your being a part of it. You are dearly loved by us. We always stand with you in your circle wherever you create it. Just call. We are never far. Think of us. Speak to us. Feel us in your heart, so we feel you in ours. You are our children, and we love you greatly. We step back now and complete these words for this cycle. We will be back.

Closing Remarks

Take a breath. And another. And gently open your eyes. Thank you, Star Mothers, and thank you, beautiful community, for coming together with me this lunation. I love knowing that you are all there and that we are doing this together.

I want to thank all of the translators all over the world who are translating these lunations and getting them to their people in their languages. Thank you so much.

We are part of a beautiful Star Family. As the Star Mothers say, no matter what is going on in the world, we have each other. We have this community, and we have this time and will have many other times together. There is more to come. Please take very good care of yourself. I send my love and my appreciation to all of you. May your wellness, your well-being, and your wisdom continue to shine.