May 22nd, 2020 – May New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – English

May New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – May 22nd, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

The following is a transcript of the live event given by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on May 22nd, 2020. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please take into consideration that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Mele’ha – Greetings and Introduction

Hi, everyone, I am Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf here. We are going live now on Facebook for the May New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers. We continue to have incredible astrology; this New Moon is “doing its thing.” I am sure you are all feeling it. We are feeling everything as our world is in a recalibration that is unprecedented, is it not? I love that we have the opportunity to focus on this portal each month. I am also very aware that a lot is going on on the internet every day, all day long. Your email inbox can quickly fill right up.

I am just doing the same things that I was doing before the pandemic started. I love feeling the support of the community, and I love giving the support that I can to the community. That is why I am here. As I have said before, the Star Mothers started this before we were in serious lockdown. Now things are easing in many places, and we can begin to explore a little bit again. Maybe we feel what happened during the times when we had to stay inside our houses, and we could start going inside ourselves.

Building the Portal

All right goddesses, do you have your cards and all of your objects ready? This new moon portal to the Star Mothers is something that we are doing again, and again every month: The Star Mothers said to do it for 11 moons, 11 new moons. This is the third new moon. We did this in March, April, and now in May. This May new moon is called the Flower New Moon, and it appears in the constellation of Gemini. I will speak to you in more detail about the astrology during our long meeting tomorrow.

Today we concentrate on building a new portal to the Star Mothers as part of a global consciousness reset. As you from all over the world build these portals with me, we create a connection, a thread of light, a filament of light. We connect these portals to each other, and wow! All this is happening according to the instructions the Star Mothers gave at the equinox, at the March new moon, and they said to continue. The creation of these portals is also activation 5 of the cards, the Code Cards.

Let us get started. I want to show you what I have on my table today to bring to the new moon portal to the Star Mothers. I still have my birthday flowers from my stepson Cameron and Marilyn. Happy Birthday to me! They are beautiful, are they not, and I am keeping them right there.

We start with the Lemurian Code Cards, so get your cards out. Someone asked me last week how long to leave the portal. My portal usually stays up for about a week because I live by myself right now. This is my dining room table, and I do not have to use it or all of it, so it is fun to eat a meal at a portal.

So here we go. We start with Star Center 11, and we go clockwise in a circle to the right with 1, then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. So, there are all the cards for the portal that I am creating. Now we go to the elements that are part of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. We use the center element, which is the element of Self and Source. I am going to place this selenite in the center on this little platform. That, for me, is Self and Source right now. Each time we do this, I do something a little bit different. So, Self and Source are right there.

Now I am going to go around and put the other parts in place. I have Earth right here. This crystal falls apart easily. If it were in the stone, this would be outside right here, and this crystal would protrude into the flat-bottomed stone. It is made of calcite and other mineral deposits in the Earth. I like that because we all need minerals, don’t we? Let us put that over there.

So, we have Earth today, Earth, air, fire, water, and culture. For air today, I have this rock that I painted with a feather on it and a sun. The words “You are loved” are painted on the back. That is my wind. That is what Kryon calls it because air is stagnant, and the wind is moving. So we have wind right here.

Then I have water, the water element, which is this beautiful whale painting that I got from Jan Lemuri. He does not paint these. His friend does. I bought this from him in Sedona a couple of years ago. So, it felt like the perfect water element to add today.

I have this purple candle right here for fire, which I am going to light now.

For culture, I brought this beautiful African doll that was given to me on my Birthday many, many years ago. It is a fertility doll, so she represents the fertility of the Lemurian sisterhood and the Lemurian Teaching Wheel. How about that? I like that.

Next, I am going to read the cards to you. To make it easier for me, I use a second deck of cards. I suggest that you close your eyes while I am reading each of the cards. Go inside and allow the message of the Star Mothers in this portal to work, to do their magic. That is what this is, the magic of the Star Mothers. I begin here with Star Center 11. We always start and end with Star Center 11.


But let us have a short meditation before we start. Take a breath. I assume your eyes are already closed. Relax softly and deeply into that place inside of you that is opening, that is celebrating the New Awareness, celebrating the New Earth, celebrating the New Human, and the New Humanity.

Breath into that and let it expand just a little, softening and expanding with each breath so that that place inside of you begins to grow and open gently. Imagine you see a time-lapse of a flower opening, and instead of taking 3 or 4 days, it just takes a couple of minutes. You watch the outside petals, then the middle ones on the inside, and then you see the pistol and the stamen stand up. The flower is completely open, reaching up to the sun, open and ready to receive, just like you are as the beautiful flowers that you are, flowers of Lemuria.

Reading the Cards Out Loud

Take a breath.

Star Center 11         From Mother Gaia comes …

Take a breath, and if you do not have these cards, just visualize what I have right here. You see this circle, and you can be a part of this.

Star Center 1                       “Up from the crystalline structure …

Take a breath.

Star Center 2                       “From the cauldron …

Take a breath and allow for the integration of the energy, the words of the Star Mothers into your second chakra, your Star Center 2.

Star Center 3                       “You have come into form …

Take a breath and then moving up to the heart or Star Center 4.

Star Center 4                       “In the blending …

Take a breath. And now we are moving up to the throat.

Star Center 5                       “You express your Divine Will …

And take a breath integrating this energy of the throat of Star Center 5 moving up to the third eye.

Star Center 6                       “Deep in the physical center …

And the crown of the head, taking a breath and moving your awareness up.

Star Center 7                       “The Divine Source calls…

Take a breath and move your awareness to the area above your head to Star Center 8, which is the Star Mothers’ center.

Star Center 8                       “As collaborators …

And then to the Divine Feminine…

Star Center 9                       “Your aspect of the …

And Star Center 10, the Divine Masculine.

Star Center 10         “Your connection …

Take a breath. And we finish with Star Center 11, the Gaia Center.

Star Center 11         “From Mother Gaia …

Take a breath. Keep your eyes closed, going inward into the center of the circle. The Star Mothers have a message. Close your eyes again. Allow your awareness to come more deeply inside. Your DNA is being re-awakened to the energy of the Star Mothers, to the light of your pleiadian ancestry. This is why we are here. Take another breath.

The Star Mothers

Dear shining ones, we are in the circle with you. The center of the circle where you stand is where we stand. This portal that you are creating, that you have created and that you will continue to create is where you will find us. We are not in outer space. Our original home is there, of course, but we are not. We are in inner space, the space inside the circle, in the portal. We are there. We are in the space between yourselves, your molecules. And of course, we are in your ancient Akash. We are reverberating with each breath you take because you have asked us to.

This is the third moon portal that our Mele’ha has created with you. And as she said, she will continue to create them. This is an important time on the planet. All of you Star Seeds who are our children are ready, are awakening. And we are giving you support, guidance, the tools for awakening. This was just how we planned it together in Lemuria. You may or may not remember. It really is not important. But there was a planning session, beloved ones, where your remembrance would go to sleep for many lifetimes. From the small continent of Mu, you spread all over the Earth. And when you said “yes” in 1987, we knew that 2012, the Great Shift, was not far behind for your awakening.

And now, in 2020, we have the next portal. In your January, it seemed just like another year, but by the end of your February, it was a different year. And each hour, each day, each month that has gone by since, there have been shifts in consciousness. You have had the “Dark Night of the Soul.” You have had the “Cave of Creation.” You have had the “Inward Journey,” perhaps the “Shadow Journey.” This is as it was planned, and you will be ready for the light – when you are ready for the light! Because, of course, the light is always there. It has not gone anywhere, even though you have been inside. This beautiful light has still been inside with you. Use this energy today. Use the portals that are being created all over the planet right now.

Let us connect them at this moment. In your imagination, see the globe of this Earth, your beautiful planet. Imagine that there are points of light all over it, just randomly, everywhere. And they do not look like electric lights in the city. They look like stars dropped from the heavens all over the continents, the islands, the peninsulas, the oceans. And all of those stars, those points of light, are connected. So, even though you may be living in Alaska, you are connected to someone at the tip of South America by a grid of light that goes from one point to another point to another point to another point to another point to another point to another point to you. If you would, please see yourself as one of those lights. You are true. And breathe and feel your light shine brighter because it is being reflected from other lights. And you are reflecting to other lights, and they are reflecting to you.

This is how we are creating a community of light with you just as you had planned with us. And in that “community,” those last five letters, is the word unity. So, as you continue in your imagination connecting to those points of light, you can imagine that that light grid also lives inside your body. And there is a light gridwork just like on the outside on the inside. And the only thing separating the “in” and the “out” is your skin. But imagine if the light were shining through your skin, it would seem to be everywhere by every other point of light. Here you go. This is the community of stars, of star seeds. For truly you are. Your parents gave you that. We gave you that, and it is implanted in you to shine now. So you can recognize each other.

Beloved ones, take a breath, please, and know that there is nothing that is not part of the plan for the growth of humanity and the realization of how powerful your free will is and how powerful your divine will is. These work together for the ascension of the consciousness on your planet.

We will close with this asking you, each one of you, until the next new moon, until your next celebration with Mele’ha, until the next portal is built, we give you this homework. We ask you, with or without building a portal, with or without the cards, we ask you each day – anytime -to see yourself in the Portal of Ascension Consciousness with the Star Mothers around you. Can you do that? Will you do that? Will you remember? Will you remind each other? It is very simple, 28 or 29 days in your time, seeing yourself in the portal with the Star Mothers. Start seeing yourself.

We love to be with you. You are our children. It is our greatest desire that you find who you are, your happiness, your reflection of each other’s life. And you know we are always standing with you. Moon or no moon, whatever phase, day or night, we are in the portal with you.

We thank our Mele’ha for being our voice, for listening to our instructions from time to time and bringing her love of humanity to this time for you. And we step back.


Take a breath everybody out there in Facebook Land. I am going to come back now and say “hello” to people all across the world.

Well, thank you one and all for sharing this time together. We are in this together, so every time we meet like this, we create another magic, another miracle, another way of being connected as a community of Lightworkers, of light players, of family. And how wonderful it is! Each and every one of you, I appreciate so much your being here.

And tomorrow we have another new moon event with some Shamanic Teaching Wheel teachings. And you can find out how to join that. Just go to my website

and you will find a list of all my events.

Tomorrow starts at the same time at 11 a.m. Pacific. We have an hour and a half. We will be in the Flower New Moon and also the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. I am very excited about that. I am working every day on getting the school ready to open, the Shamanic Teaching Wheel School. And this is happening. It is happening. Also, on Sunday, I will be hosting some beautiful goddesses here in Tucson. And then next weekend we have our two-day Kryon event, and on Saturday night, that is May 30th, there will be a Lemurian Sisterhood with a Kryon live channel and also, of course, the Star Mothers. And the following weekend we have New York, so we have things planned all the time. We hope to see you as much as possible.

It is always wonderful to hear from you. Please join the Lemurian Sisterhood Global Group or Facebook page that is in your language. There are Facebook pages in Italian, Czech, and Brazilian. We have hosts all over the world who are ready to translate and be of service to this Light Community.

So, thank you again, my dear shining ones, my beautiful family. I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow or somewhere else on the grid. I send my love to you all.