June 19th, 2020 June New Moon Portal – English

June New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – June 19th, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

The following is a transcript of the live event given by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on June 19th, 2020. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please take into consideration that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Mele’ha – Greetings and Introduction

Hey everybody, here we are in the June new moon. These are crazy times, and we have lots going on. But that is nothing new there, right? Thank you for joining me, beautiful goddesses. This is, indeed, a time of change, is it not? And I do not see that slowing down anytime soon. We had no idea what 2020 would be.

Let me tell you first what we are going to do today. First, I am going to take a few minutes to let people get on. Then I am going to talk a little bit about the moon and lay the cards out. Let us get ready for all of that.

These are the things I have selected to create my portal to the Star Mothers. I will leave my “Women of Lemuria” book right here because it anchors my circle. In the center is this beautiful goddess that Ruby gave me. What is a wonderful gift! I want her to be in the center where Self and Source are. Over here on my right, I have fire. For my water, I have these sweet little penguin guys. I will place them right here. My earth is the bay leaves that go in this beautiful handmade basket. These are the leaves that we use for the Lemurian Sisterhood when we have a ceremony. We write on these, and afterward, we then burn them. My air will be this rock from Yellowstone Lake. I hope you can see how beautiful this is. It was made into a bird because it just its form matches perfectly to that of a bird. Finally, I am putting this sparkly right here with the goddess. All right. These are my elements.

Now I will begin building the portal by putting the cards down in a circle. I start with Card 11, followed by Card 1, then Star Center 2, 3, and 4. I continue with Star Center 5, Star Center 6, and then Star Center 7. Finally, we have Star Center 8, 9, and 10. So, there we are!

Please, if you can, take a picture of your portal and post it on the Facebook page “Lemurian Codes for Healing” or on the “Lemurian Sisterhood Global Group” page. Then we can see them all online. Each portal is different, and all together, they are quite beautiful.

So let us start with a short meditation as we open the circle, open the portal, activate, and charge it. Take a moment just to close your eyes. Take a breath. And take another breath. Let yourself settle into this moment and celebrate how wonderful it is that so many lightworkers, Star Seeds, Star Family are here together today. Each time we create this together all over the world, we bring more connection, we bring more light, we bring more healing to those many places on the planet that need healing right now. There are many, including each one of us who may have been in stress or strife over these past few months.

Take another breath. As I read these cards to you, let the words of the Star Mothers and the intention of inviting them into your portal just be with you. Let that intention just be with you. Be soft. Let it be real. Let it be present. That is what we are here to do. Right now, we are are here to give this information to the portal to invite the Star Mothers. We are here to give them the connection of who we are.

Take another breath.

Reading the Cards Out Loud

Take another breath. We begin with Star Center 11.

Star Center 11         From Mother Gaia comes …

Take a breath and just let that those words, the energy, the beautiful arch settle in. And then we come to Star Center 1 moving clockwise in the circle.

Star Center 1                       “Up from the crystalline structure …

Take a breath. We moved to Star Center 2.

Star Center 2                       “From the cauldron …

And relaxing, take another breath. Let Star Center 2 begin to integrate into your being as its energies are used to call that part of you into the portal.

Star Center 3                       “You have come into form …

We are taking a breath, relaxing into the knowing that we are together and that we are loved.

Star Center 4                       “In the blending …

Take a breath. Feel the energy of the heart, saying “yes” to the love from the Star Mothers.

Star Center 5                       “You express your Divine Will …

Take a breath. Let the area of your throat vibrate with the harmony of Star Center 5.

Star Center 6                       “Deep in the physical center …

And take a breath. We move on to Star Center 7, the crown of the head.

Star Center 7                       “The Divine Source calls…

Take a big breath in. And we moved to Star Center 8, the Pleiadian Star Center.

Star Center 8                       “As collaborators …

Take a breath just saying “yes” to the love the Star Mothers are pouring in.

Star Center 9                       “Your aspect of the …

Take a breath. And Star Center 10.

Star Center 10         “Your connection …

Take a nice big breath in and out, feeling the circle being ready to complete. We go back to the beginning.

Star Center 11         “From Mother Gaia …

And then close your eyes, taking a nice deep breath as we complete the portal. Take a big breath in and out, letting yourself feel the completion of this beautiful circle that we are creating together, not just here, but all across the world – mine, yours, everyone’s. Let ourselves be open to a beautiful message, as always, from our beloved Star Mothers,

The Star Mothers

Dear shining ones, we step forth into this circle, to this portal, with great joy. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to each and every one of you who is creating a landing place for us. We say this in all seriousness that we are not coming to you in a spaceship; we are coming to you in a portal. We are coming to the portals that you have created. You have called us. That is what these portals do. You have called the energy, the ancient, timeless energy of our star system, not just one of us, but the energy of our star system.

We came forth to be with you over 200,000 years ago – your years – and we have returned. We are here when you call us as a group. The call, of course, is so much stronger and so much wider and deeper and fuller. Of course, we respond to one call, but it is our celebration to respond to so many.

Let us tell you this today, beloved Shining Ones. The astronomy of the planets around you in your solar system is so unique in this time and will certainly not be repeated in your lifetime, perhaps in another lifetime. But we tell you this. This eclipse energy is a circle. Many call it “The Ring of Fire.” We call it “The Ring of Love.” We call it “The Circle That is Touching Each One,” for everyone on this planet will be affected by it whether you see it, whether you understand what it is, whether you know what it is. Everyone is affected by the energy of the planets and the stars and the sun. So feel whatever you feel and know that it is perfect for right now. Your world is being rebirthed, and we tell you that it is like a birth. Sometimes you must really breathe through the uncomfortable parts, and we encourage you to do that.

Talk to your friends, your family, other lightworkers, other Star Seeds, ones you know that carry the soul of ancient Lemuria. Meet with them, talk to them, and breathe through the rebirth of your planet. It is not just your civilization. It is not just the old souls. It is not just a part, a continent, a city, a town. It is the entire planet and all of the inhabitants, every single one, that are being touched, that are being affected. So please stay in connection with each other. Do not go into your own cave of fear and doubt.

You may feel like you have lost control of many things, and indeed it does look that way for many people. But also remember that the greater umbrella of The One Source of All Love is over everyone, is connecting everyone with benevolence. All you souls that have volunteered to be here now for this awakening, whether you feel supported in it or whether you feel abandoned, you are all volunteers. So step under the umbrella of the Divine Source. Meet with your old soul family. Be supported. Be loved. Be healed. Be ingenious. Be creative. Be connected. And, above all, be compassionate. Remember that for the human self-compassion starts in the heart and is generated right there. So, find that place of compassion and coherence. When you are breathing into your heart, from your heart, you will not be separated from the Divine Source. You will not be separated from your sacred mission here. You will feel that connection.

Let us give you this. Each time you breathe into or from your heart or touch your heart, we will be there with you and create a luminous field around you, an aura for your body, your mind, and your spirit. And this aura, this luminous field, is a field of healing and self-compassion, a field of connection, a field of remembering your purpose. So touch your heart and let us come in. Let us co-create with you that field so that each one of you each time you are breathing, each time you are connected to that field of compassionate coherence, you are creating a healing field for yourself. And of course, you do not stand alone in this creation. There are hundreds, thousands, even millions of people who are moving into the awareness of their hearts.

This is the perfect time, and you have been called, and you have volunteered. So, take a breath into your heart and feel the field of luminous coherence expand around you until it expands and expands past the edges of your body further and further and further until the entire Merkaba field that you stand in as your energy is filled with the luminosity of the Star Mothers and the field of compassionate coherence.

Remember this, this day, this portal of energy. This gives you an opportunity, and we give you a boost with the energy of the portal of the Star Mothers. Please know, dear Shining Ones, that we are and will always remain with you. We have so much pride in our children who are creating The New Earth as The New Human. We ask you to take a breath, and we ask you to say to yourself, “Yes, I am a co-creator of The New Earth. I am a New Human. I am.”

We step back now. We complete our time with you, and we thank our beloved Mele’ha for being the instrument, the vessel, and the voice of this message and for carrying her Akash in public so often for all of you so that you also may recognize your Akash as it reawakens to the truth of who you are as a divine soul. We step back.


Take a breath.

I want to tell you about this beautiful goddess pendant that I am wearing. It is made out of glass and manufactured in a studio on the side of the beautiful river in Story, Wyoming, by my oldest Star Sister in the world. That is her contribution to the Lemurian Sisterhood movement. And there are these beautiful matching earrings. I bought lots of these from her, because she is not always in her studio, and I like to support her however I can. You can just email me, and we can have a conversation about how I can get these pendants to you. They come in all different colors, and each one is unique.

Please post your pictures of your portals. I will take a picture of mine. If you made your portal with the cards, with the Lemurian Code Cards and you are part of that Facebook group, I would love to see your pictures there. If not, you can send them over to the Lemurian Sisterhood Global Group, and we will post them there.

All of you, beautiful, wonderful Gods and Goddesses, Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine, thank you for your support, your love, and for being a part of the beautiful star family.

I close with this: The Goddess in me honors my Star Family.