July 17, 2020 – July New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – English

July New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers
July 17th, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

The following is a transcript of the live event given by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on July 17th, 2020. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please take into consideration that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Mele’ha – Greetings and Introduction

What a beautiful, beautiful opportunity we have, and it will continue. These portals will continue until I have done a year’s worth. That will be 12 or 13 New Moons, so that will take us into next February or March depending on where it falls.

My primary focus is not on astrology. But we should consider how powerful this New Moon is. It is one of two New Moons in the sign of Cancer, which is a water sign. It is emotional, and it is about home. Our planet is our home. Our home is our home. And our family is our home.

When we look at all of the things that are happening right now, we feel like we are in a big cavern, and over the entrance is a sign, “I do not know.” But how do we fill that cavern? We are not going to fill it in with fear. We are going to fill it in with love. We are going to fill it in with compassion. And we are going to bring the Star Mothers right in to join us, to play with us.

I am going to now turn the screen of my computer around so you can see this big brass table that I have here. That is going to be the foundation for my portal. If you are joining us for the first time, we create the inside of the portal from the different parts of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. Those parts are fire, water, wind, Earth, and culture. Culture is something that represents you in the world, in your culture.

In the very center, we place something that will represent Source/Self. You do not have to overthink this. Let it come – you are all so intuitive – let it just come up to the surface and be a part of your wheel. If you have you been making these wheels right along with me, these portals, you will have gone all around your house and found all kinds of things to bring to the center of the wheel.

You probably have even posted pictures on the Lemurian Sisterhood Global Group Facebook page or the Lemurian Codes for Activation and Healing Facebook page, which is its own little private group. Thank you for that. I love the pictures. They are so powerful. There are so powerful and so unique! Every single one is so unique. I love how we all bring that to the party. Imagine all of these circles, all of these portals, bringing in Star Mother energy. Hee-haw! It just does not get any better – until the next one.

I will turn the camera around here, so you will not be able to see me. You are going to see my Star Mother. There she is. This is a beautiful picture that Monica gave me. I usually use the book, which has the same image on its cover, because this picture lives in Colorado. But not today because I have the picture here, and I am bringing it on board.

First, I will move all these parts off to the side to make some room. Now I am going to place the cards on the table and create a circle. We begin with Star Center 11. You can see “Star Center 11” on the back of the card. This card goes right here at the bottom, and we will build the circle like a clock, placing the remaining cards clockwise all the way around. So, here is Star Center 1, Star Center 2, Star Center 3, 4, Star Center 5, Star Center 6, Star Center 7, Star Center 8, Star Center 9, and Star Center 10. And we have completed our journey back to Star Center 11. What I have done here is to just lay the cards out in a circle.

Now I am going to bring in the five elements. We have Earth right here with my pinecone. We have water with this big conch shell from the Mayan Riviera. Then we have the Fire element. That will be this candle that from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. I bought that when we were there two years ago. I am going to light that and place that there.

I now need something for the element of wind. It is not air. It is wind. There is a difference between air and wind. Air can be stagnant, but the wind is always moving. So, these are feathers that have just found me since I have been here in Colorado. This is a belly feather from a Great Blue Heron. That was a great gift! I found this little guy up in Rocky Mount Park the other day. You can see that the feather is spotted. It is the shaft from a flicker: I do not know what this little black one is, it just found me. So that is the wind. When you pick up a feather that looks like this, you see movement. In the Shamanic Teaching Wheel, we talk a lot about movement.

For culture, I brought in two things that are both the Goddess that represent me. I am in the culture of the Lemurian Sisterhood, so I brought in this CD, which is the Spiral Initiation CD. That is actually from a photograph of my drum that my son photoshopped into the cover of this album. That is the only thing the Star Mothers gave me that people can just listen to publicly, without having to be at a meeting. It was the very first one that I made. The information was just coming through me then in 2011.

I also have this beautiful hand-painted Goddess on a piece of wood, just on a 2 x 4, and it has spirals, so of course, I like it. And here it has crystals. What I am going to do is to put her right here in the center because, for me, the Goddess is the Source. Then I am going to surround her with this selenite Crystal right here and then with a Lemurian crystal right there. I am just surrounding the Goddess with these hearts. This is a handblown glass heart that was a gift to me from Ruby, my beautiful sister Ruby. I am staying at her home right now. A lot of you may know Ruby Hendrix.

So there we are. I have created my portal to the Star Mothers. What comes next is that you all just relax and be part of the creation of the energy of this portal. I am going to read all these cards to you. I just did an initiation yesterday in the Kryon event, and it was so powerful to do that online. But this is just wonderful because I know you all over the Earth are having a connection right now live to this.

So I am going to read all eleven cards and read the Gaia card eleven to you twice because that is our instruction from the Star Mothers. Because we come from the dirt of the Earth, we begin, and we end with Star Center 11. I am going to read all of these, and I invite you all to just relax and close your eyes. I am going to keep the camera pointed right at my portal. I will now speak my invitation to the Star Mothers to join all of us, and then we will have a little channel from the Star Mothers.

Okay, begin by closing your eyes and allowing your body to come into a nice soft place, a place where you feel the connection, a place where you feel that you have belonged for so long, and now you are finding your way into a place of gratitude to the Star Mothers for giving us this time together. Take a big breath.

Mele’ha reads all of the cards, starting and ending with card number 11.

Now I ask the Star Mothers to come in with a message for us. So in a place of softness, in a place of meditation, in a place of connection to your own deep divinity bring your awareness inside and continue to bring it inside to that place where we are all one Divine Source, where we are all the Goddess, where we are all the ShaWoman. Take a breath.

Star Mothers

Dear shining ones, we step into this portal, these many portals that you have created for us all over the planet. And we celebrate with such great joy that you are recognizing your own origins. And we understand that you may feel that you are doing this for us, but you are doing this for you. And the “us” that is represented here is the “us” that lives inside of you.

We are the Star Mother Collective. There is not 1, 2, 3 of us with you, all of you, all the time. We have told you this. We are as close as a thought. Ah, that is something to think about, is it not? We see the wheels turning. All you need to do is remember us, and we are with you. That is simple because we are already inside of you.

Now when you create these beautiful portals with Mele’ha on the Full Moons or any other time for that matter, you are thinking of us. You are calling us. And you are creating the sacred center of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. And this, you know, Mele’ha is opening, one step at a time. So however you create your portals, when you are creating them with the Star Mothers in mind, with your connection to your own star DNA, your own 24th chromosome, we are with you in a big way.

We tell you this. We do not need to spend a lot of time speaking through Mele’ha. All of you hear us when you clear away the idea that you cannot, or you have not been able to, or you do not know how. Just ask and continue asking. And when it is time, we will come to you. And we may come to you in ways that you do not expect. Perhaps you are expecting to channel us as Mele’ha does, as many others do. Perhaps we will come to you in music, or perhaps we will come to you through the divine form of light language. Perhaps we will come to you through art. It could be many different ways, more than one, or something that we have not said.

So let that be. Just let that be. You do not need to wonder how this will happen. Just continue your light focus as if you are holding, let us say a feather in your hand. You can hardly feel it. That is how. That is how. You will not grab it. You will not let it float away. You will just hold it lightly, delicately. And then you can hold it also in your heart because we live there, our presence lives there. We always have since the beginning of our – let us call it intervention with humanity – many thousands of years ago.

And this is a time to mention also finding out more for you your resonance with the nodes and nulls of the planet. Our beloved Kryon has brought those to you, delivered them, and his partner Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi have created a way for you to understand them further. For you now, as you delve into them, we are activated in those twelve.

Now here we focus on the portal, which is the center of the Wheel of Lemuria, the portal of Hawaii, the node of Hawaii. But now that they are paired with their nulls and the crystalline grid, more and more of the nodes will continue to awaken. And you need that right now to hold this vibration of awakening for the planet. You need the crystalline grid of the Earth to be neutralizing the shadows because the crystalline grid can do that faster than anything. So you may study this or look at a picture of this wherever these nodes and nulls are located on the Earth and once again know that as soon as you focus on any of that, it is done. It is done.

Take a breath.

That is what powerful creators you are, Beloved Shining Ones. As Mele’ha and the ShaWoman Counsel speak, she is teaching you how to find your way into your power. It is already there. It is as close as a thought, but it needs to be a focus to be powerful. You will be shown each step to unfold that. This is the beginning, connecting to these portals, the spokes, the hub, and the rim and the wheel of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. This is the beginning of speaking with the Star Mothers and the nodes and nulls of the Earth and the ascension process of The New Humanity.

Take a breath, please.

We ask you now to place your hands on your hearts and say this either out loud or to yourself:

I am the New Human.
I was born for this time.
I am my own creator.
I am a vessel of the New Consciousness.
I came here on purpose.
I am the All That Is, and I am ready for the Ascension of the Earth.
And so it is.
And so it will become.

Take a breath.

We step back now. Or shall we step into our beautiful portals? Let us do that. We step into the portals, and we become one with all of the portals that you have created across the planet where we will remain in our interdimensional form so that we may be with all of you, always, until we play with you again and celebrate with you again in the New Moon, in the next New Moon. Meanwhile, Beautiful Shining Ones hold onto your hats! It is a wild ride here on Earth. We love you, and we are with you as we step into the portal once again.

Closing remarks

Take a breath. And take another breath. And another big breath and a stretch.

Well, I am going to have to listen to that again. I am not quite sure what was happening, but I think I levitated there for a minute or something.

Thank you all for being with me today. And as I love to say because it is so true, we do this together.