December 28, 2020 December Full Moon Lemurian Lunation – English

December Full Moon Lemurian Lunation
December 30th, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf


Hi everybody! Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with you. I am here today, on December 28th, to bring you the Star Mothers’ message about this last full moon of a thirteen-moon cycle. I began this journey with you last January in 2020, and since then, we have seen thirteen full moons. Some of them were real doozies, weren’t they? This year has been like no other for most of us. We have had astrology and astronomy taking place that we have never seen before.

When we lived in Lemuria were not aware of astrological signs. They had not been invented yet. We were aware of astronomy. The Star Mothers could tell us about the things taking place outside of our little island paradise, the continent of Mu. We would listen to those things because we knew that the Star Mothers knew what they were talking about. Here we are hundreds of thousands of years later, at least one full earth wobble cycle of 26,000 years. Thirteen moons have passed since the Star Mothers gave me this sacred assignment in January, and now we have arrived at this last full moon of the year, this December Full Moon.

This thirteenth full moon sheds light on so many different things as full moons do. They are like spotlights, and this one brings light to the many changes that are going on. As if we needed light! They are all around us. This particular time is about our freedom, intuition, spirituality, help, how we honor ourselves as humans, and how we take care of ourselves. It is about making sure that we have enough good water to drink, enough good food to eat, and enough time to connect with our family. It does not matter how we connect with them. If it is not in person, we connect virtually, or we write letters. Imagine writing a letter and then getting one back! This is the time for us to think outside of the box about how we take care of ourselves and what brings us pleasure. Yes, we can have pleasure! It can be something very simple that brings us pleasure, like watching the sunset or sunrise or watching a baby or a kitten sleep or an old dog who chases rabbits in its dreams.

Our emotions are always at their peak during the full moon. Use that time to overcome any challenges you have had in relationships. Shine the light on that. It does not mean only in relationships outside, but also your relationship to yourself. This is a perfect time to look at what you have been doing these past ten-eleven months to be in a healthy relationship with yourself. When we spend more time alone, we see what is not healthy. We see it much more clearly. You may not want to admit it, but the light shines on it when there are no distractions.

Be aware of flashes of intuitive insight that might come to you like in an instant in this full moon time. Your psychic ability will seem to be heightened. You may have more awareness of what is going on in the world around you that is energetic. Sometimes it is helpful to go outdoors and stand on the Earth to ground these energies when you feel overwhelmed by the Full Moon energy. This is a good time for making quick decisions, and expecting those quick decisions will be okay. You will have support in those decisions, and you will be able to let them be right for you.

Your insights, your intuition, and your trust will grow when you start seeing this year in your rearview mirror, with hindsight. We will soon be in 2021 and will be able to look back on 2020 with hindsight and realize what we have learned this year. For example, at this time last year, most of us were really forward to New Year’s Eve and the beginning of a new decade. We were very hopeful because that is what we usually are every year around this time. Then we had the world-changing pandemic. That was what was supposed to happen. You can believe it if you can look at life in a much larger way and see things on a bigger scale. We live in a world where life comes one day at a time, but there is an umbrella of time that is so enormous that we have no conception of it.

One of the things that you can look forward to doing in this moon is letting go of the pain you may have carried these past eleven months, ten months, a year, or a lifetime. It is time for that. New beginnings happen with this December Full Moon. Take a look at those outer goals that probably got smashed on the rocks this year and your inner goals. If you had inner goals, they were probably challenged, too. But what good things happened to you? What good happened? Shine the light on that.

This is not the time to make permanent decisions about anything. This is a time to ask yourself, “What does it mean to flow?” What does it mean to flow, flow like a wave, flow like water, flow like the wind through the trees? What does it mean to flow? It does not matter what your circumstances are. You can fight it, or you can flow with it. Always have healthy, happy boundaries around you. Always ask for help when you need it. Do not be afraid to say, “I was wrong,” or “I need help,” or “I do not know.” Shine the light on your inner world, and you will feel the outer world change. This December Full Moon is made for that.

Let us now hear from the Star Mothers about this moon. If you would close your eyes. Take a breath. Give yourself a moment to come inside, inside your body, inside your being, leaving the outside on the outside, enjoying for a moment this feeling of connection, this feeling of light we have when we have the Star Mothers with us. Breathe into your body. Feel it expand and soften. Allow the cells to listen to the message so that your whole being becomes a receptor to the love and the guidance of the Star Mothers.

Star Mothers

Dear Shining Ones, we step forward quite happily into this moon circle. It is a beautiful time for us to see the light shining on each and every one of you. Allow yourself to receive. This is a gift. See if you can open a little bit more – say 10% – open your receiving quotient just 10%. Take a breath. Sit with that for a moment. You do not have to do anything or think. Just be.

Shining Ones, we know that there is a part of you – the human part – that has difficulty with your worth, with your value, and therefore your ability to receive. We ask you this to take your feeling, take your non-ability, and focus the light of this full moon shining on it so that it turns into the ability to receive.

Imagine tonight when you are looking at the Moon or perhaps standing under it somewhere you feel that she is giving you a gift. Now you do not have to know specifically what it is. Your mind will want to ask, of course. We know. But you do not need to know. Trust that you are receiving a gift and that you are worth it, that you have value, dear Shining One. When you receive that value from the Moon, from the Star Mothers, that value goes into your heart and comes back out in waves to all life around you, all of life, your work, the people around you, your home, your family, your pets, your food. Open this portal in the top of your head that comes right into your pineal and creates a pathway down to your heart and down through your belly, your hips, your feet into the Earth and imagine and feel – we hope you are feeling outside under the Moon – that generous light pouring on you giving you, giving you, giving you her gifts, because she is there. She spins around this planet because she loves you.

We came to this planet to bring divinity. One of the main reasons we came to this particular solar system was because this Earth has that beautiful Moon. We watched her. We watched her path. We watched the things that happened on the Earth as she went through her cycle. We watched the humans, the women who responded to her cycle, and we said, “Yes, this is the perfect place for the New Lemuria.” We bring that to you now, a little history, so that as you begin your connection with your Lemurian Akash, this waking up of what it was like to be in Lemuria, to live in Lemuria, to live as Divine, that is what is available to you now.

So each moon is a time to go more deeply into that, to shine more light onto that Akashic record crystal and let it tell you what is next. Let it show you, let it give you hope in this part of your body where your heart is, your broken, wounded, closed-down, terribly afraid, and vulnerable heart. Open it. Let us do the healing. Let us bring you, give you the gifts of an open heart, the gifts of trust and surrender. Let us shine this moonlight and do some heart surgery on you so that you begin to see the world through that beam of your heart that is full, that you shine from a place of fullness, not need, not lack, not less than, a place of fullness, a place that is inside, that is like the hub of a wheel and the rest of you revolves around it. Do you feel that beautiful spiral as you revolve around the center of your physical body?

There is healing here for you, dear Shining Ones. We ask you to do this during this moon. Look at her. Stand in the moonlight. Let her pour that into the spiral of your heart, and let that spiral grow and grow till it reaches past your physical body, because indeed the light of the moon is shining past just your physical body. Ask for that healing and know it is yours. Say, “Yes!” Say yes to this time, this fruitful time, this time of opportunity, this time of potential, this time of alignment with the real value of a Divine Human. Take a breath, please.

Beloved Shining Ones, the Star Mothers are always with you because we are the spark that lives inside of you. We are in your DNA. We are as close as the thought of us. Just a thought of us, and we are there. We are ready to have a conversation with you whenever you are. You are our sacred children and, in our eyes, perfect. Our eyes are filled with the light of the galaxy as they see you. Our hearts overflow with the love of a mother for a child. On this moon, we ask you to do these simple things in honor of yourself and your own value. Each time you do, you reinforce who you truly are as a Divine, sacred, magnificent being.

Take a breath as we step back now to go bask in the moonlight with our beloved Mele’ha. We step back.

Closing Remarks

Take another breath. When you are ready, you may open your eyes and say, “Hello, world!” Dear Sacred Sons and Divine Daughters, these past thirteen moons. These journeys with you have been such a delight and such a beautiful way for me to connect with you and with the Star Mothers and with the energy of la bella luna, the love of the beautiful Moon, and all of her energies that I feel as a woman.

Until we meet again from my heart to your heart, love flowing to you.