December 12, 2019 – English

Merkabah activation with the star mothers

Message from the Star Mothers
by Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf

  1. December 2019

German translation Dr. Bryan Cooper

Take a deep breath.

Dear shining beings, we enter this meeting at the invitation of Mele'ha, but also at the invitation of all of you. We hear you. We hear that you want to know more. We hear your questions. In this way, we immerse ourselves in the life of each and every one of you. Today, we associate this with what Mele'ha called "Merkabah activation." We know that this name "Merkabah" has been known to you for quite some time. It's a name, but you can call your energy field whatever you want.

For today, however, we ask you to introduce yourself to something. If you stretch out your arms to the right and left to the side – and you can do this now just to experiment – this is the size of the energy field we call your merkabah. That's it, from fingertip to fingertip. That's a big room, isn't it? Then keep this point in your imagination and relax your arms. Then, if you feel filled with a sense of wonder because you're carrying around a field of this size, that's good. Good, because in this way you can live with much more connection in your world, connection for the creation of your world. This is what we want to achieve for you today. What is in this merkabah, this field, is the energy from you, forward, backward, left and right.

If you then activate this field, plant this field in your consciousness and, bypassing it, move forward, magic will happen. You can think of this field as a multifaceted jewel that reflects the light of the world. Or you can think of it as a multi-pointed star glittering out into the world. Whatever you prefer – image or sound – let it be yours and realize that this is something you can return to as a touchstone to remember the greatness of who you are. You in the field of energy.

That is why we are in the process of touching each of you in your field. Whether you listen to this recording live in the "present time" or whether you find it in the future, you will always be touched by listening. You will make the connection to the Star Mothers. You will have your Merkabah activated as we are activating it right now. The energy flows in like many rivers flowing over you, filling every facet of this gem and flooding the many parts of the star that you are.

Feel this connection and notice how you begin to shine brighter as we talk to you through our dear Mela'ha. In your mind's eye or perhaps in your heart, you see yourself glittering and reflecting in the sun like the sun on the water or the sun on crystals. Open yourself up to it. Let it get brighter and deeper. Let the light come upon you and clear out everything that is not light.

It's not something you have to think about. Just accept it as happening. We tell you that we do, and we are that light with you. There's nothing to think about. You can certainly have feelings for our love, for that is what is contained in this activation; it is our love for our children. You who sit here, you who connect with this, you are our children. And this love that emanates from us when we touch each of you is an endless stream, an endless flow, an endless light.

While all that is no longer useful, that which is not light, the doubts, the separation, all these things are washed away, you are left with this incredible, jewel-like, beautiful field. In this field, you can create what is new to you, anything you want to produce, who you are. You see yourself as the creator of the "you" and all your desires. Revive these desires in your field so that you can attract the synchronicity that creates them, that makes them come alive. The universe and all our other playmates – we – are just waiting for you to say "yes". And if you say "yes," we celebrate. We celebrate in the greatest way. It's as if all your holidays are pulled together into a single day and then 1 million are taken when only one of you says "yes".

You are our children, our radiant light. This Merkabah field is also your way of recognizing each other. You can see that. You see this in your counterpart. You know, when you find out, don't you? The beautiful field of the Other is present to you, and it illuminates your Merkabah even more. Isn't that beautiful? Isn't that why you're here? Of course, it's why you're here. There's no question about it!

So we leave you with it. The more you are present, the more thoughtful you are, the more you will feel the magic in this energy field that is yours, unique and beautiful for everyone. The more you are present in it, the more delicious your life will become. With every solution, every upheaval, the desire begins to become known to everyone in the universe, your friends, your family, the people in your extended non-DNA family, us. Stay with us in this field. We have so much to give you, so much to remind you of the teachings you already know. And even if you once said "yes" to it, then say "yes" every day and watch how beautifully it unfolds as we play with you in this field.

Take a breath, dear, luminous being, and feel this promise from us as we begin to end this gathering by stepping back and giving the meeting back to our beloved Mela'ha and all of you. We resign and leave you with our greatest love and blessings.