August 3, 2020 August Full Moon Lemurian Lunation – English

August Full Moon Lemurian Lunation
August 3rd, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf


Aloha, dear family, this is Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf here to bring you the Lunation for this cycle we call August, which is the hot time of year here in the northern hemisphere. If this is possibly your first time seeing Lunation, let me give you a little bit of background. Lunation came to me as a sacred assignment from the Lemurian Star Mothers, the Pleiadian Star Mothers. I said “yes” as I so often do – as I always do – to my sacred assignment.

The Star Mothers wanted me to bring an awareness of the cycle of the moon. They wanted me to start on the full moon and to bring it through one full cycle, which is 13 moons, 13 full moons. That is how we measured time before clocks, before computers, before watches, even before sundials. I imagine some industrious Lemurian probably put a stick in the sand and watched the shadow travel around from sunrise to sunset. Who knows where those first sundials came from?

We are in incredibly transformational times right now. I am aware that perhaps every generation thinks that their time is transformational, so I will not say we have never seen anything like it on Earth. W hat I will say is that the Star Mothers tell me that for this planet, we are right on track. Of course, we have done a few things to speed it up. We did The Harmonic Convergence in 1987. And then, once again, on December 21, 2012, when we came to the end of the Mayan calendar, we said “yes,” once again. So we continue to do that as we bring an expanded awareness from ourselves to the world.

I am sure that most everyone who is connecting to these videos believes that she – or he – is an old soul, has had a lifetime in Lemuria, and has chosen to come back to this time. Now you may not remember that, and there are probably some days where you say, “What was I thinking!” I know I do. But I know that we are here as a collective consciousness of specific old souls that were in Lemuria to help literally be the change in the world.

Part of that change, from my perspective, is tuning into the cycles of nature. We have tuned that out. I was having a conversation just this morning with a friend. We talked about how life just kind of slows down when you are in Hawaii or some other place where there are a beach and the ocean. We do not have that experience in the square boxes that we live inside. Now we have our shoes on. We have different sounds that are neither the ocean nor the birds or whatever it might be. We have removed ourselves greatly from the natural cycles of life. When we give that up, we give up a part of our peace, a piece of our peace.

When we pay more attention to the cycles of the moon, we can bring that peace back inside. As we do that, it is much easier to operate from that place than it is from a place of “Oh, my God! What will I do next? This is happening, and that is happening!” In case you have not noticed, or you have forgotten – that certainly happens to me – that stuff is always happening in the world, something is going on out there that can affect the way that we feel or the way that we react to it. The more we come to that place of connecting with something – in this case, it is the moon cycle – the more we come inside, the less we are affected by what goes on outside.

This cycle of the moon is unique in that it actually marks the beginning of the end of summer. This is the full moon of summer. People have been harvesting and are still harvesting. They have started to think – in some climate zones – about storage. We would, too, if we lived more in the natural world where the things harvested had to be stored, canned, or put in the root cellar or things like that. They are planning ahead.

You have probably also noticed – wherever you are – that the daylight hours are shifting. This moon is also about being social. It is about not wanting to come home at night when the daylight is fading. It is about being able to be social even though we are doing that a distance. This full moon is in the sign of Aquarius. In astronomy and astrology, this has to do with being altruistic. How can I help you? How do we feel about our family that is around us – or not around us? It is all about this New Age. We have not had an easy time with being social in these times of quarantine. Perhaps you found another family that you might not have had if it was not for this time of quarantine. Perhaps you have learned other skills in this time of inner focus.

Part of my sacred assignment for bringing these full moons to you is to bring you the Lemurian Code Card that goes along with the number of the moon. That is the number of the full moon since the beginning of the year. If you have not seen them already, the Lemurian Code Cards look like this. They are cards covered with beautiful art. This is card 11, the Gaia Card. There are 11 cards in total. All of them have numbers, colors, beautiful art, and words on the back. These speak to a specific Star Center in your body to activate it. There is a system for that, and that lives on this little booklet or my website.

The directive of the Star Mothers was to use the card of the month, the number card of the month that we are in in our calendar. We have just begun the eighth month, so I am using Star Center 8, which looks like this. You will see a big picture of it right behind me in a moment. Now, this Star Center is above our head, and when I read to you what is on the back, you will understand it a little better. Let me do that now. Just close your eyes for a moment. Come into a little meditative time. Just soften your body and relax. We invite the Star Mothers to be around us as I read their words.

Star Center 8

As collaborators in this great experiment, and through your Akashic Agreement with the Star Mothers, they enter and encode you for reawakening your DNA. Your portal to the Star Mothers perpetually hovers above you in an eternal etheric fiber of illumination. You are continuously and Divinely suffused with the attributes of love, grace, honor, inspiration, guidance, encouragement, and compassion.

Star Center 8

Once again, just close your eyes for a moment, take a breath, and with your eyes closed, just let me go over this a little more. They start off by saying, “As collaborators in this great experiment.” So what that means is that we humans in Lemuria and the Star Mothers were collaborators in the experiment of bringing spirituality into the DNA of the human. You can see it in the picture behind me, where the white lines are coming down into the spiral of DNA. That represents the energy of the Divine, of the Pleiadians coming down into this amazing spiral. You can also see where the humans are all the way around the edges. There are four. And then, right in the center is the flower of life. This art represents what the experiment was. It was the Pleiadians coming into our DNA to make a change, and we said “yes” to that. We said, “Let us get this upgrade.” Or some such words like that.

Now the Star Mothers go on to say that “your portal to the Star Mothers perpetually hovers above you.” So that is that area above our heads, that eighth Star Center. So we have eight for eight. “In an eternal etheric fiber of illumination.” So there is always the eternal, right? It is the eternal light that is always above us.

And that we are “continuously and divinely suffused” with these attributes and many more. That is what the Star Mothers are here to do for us. They want to give us that divine intervention that allowed us in Lemuria and again now to live as Divine Humans, to be human-divine. Now they would like to say something about this.

They are asking me to ask you to please come into a meditative awareness and just breathe in your breath a little softer, a little more deeply, a little slower, a little fuller, just allowing your connection to your breath. And let that soften you and open you in a way and into a place that is divine, that does allow for more than just simply living on the Earth. Take a breath.

Star Mothers

Dear Shining Ones, we step forward into the full moonlight with you, and we ask you. This is a special time. We in Lemuria would always celebrate with you the apex, the pinnacle of the moon when it came to its fullest, when it showed its light through the forest, on the mountaintop, when it reflected on the ocean, when there was a great abundance of all things, including, perhaps, light on the shadows that needed to be illuminated in your lives.

It was a time when there were meetings. It was a time when things were discussed, and decisions were made. We ask you now to bring light to your meeting with yourself. You do not have to go outside to do this. Let this be a deeply internal time. As we have said we are connected to you through these eternal etheric fibers, so let us go into where those fibers are, into the DNA, into a place inside of you that is divine, that is the perfect place for you to recognize who you are as this dual being that is not something you switch on and off when you feel like it, but rather something that you remember more and more so that you can live it more and more.

That is the plan. That has always been the plan. That was the plan 50.000, 200.000 years ago when we first came into the planet. Yes, activation – that was why we were here – activation, reawakening, creating an incarnation that was unique to humankind and still is, is it not? There has not been another Lemuria, yet. And when there is, it will not be in the same place as it was.

Yes, we are already planning, but in your time frame, many lives will have passed before that happens, and many other people will be bringing our voices through them. But know this, you will be back. And it may not be on this planet, but you will be back. The light that we shine through you makes sure that our children will always be with us. We are like parents and like shepherds. You are our children and our Beloved. You are our flock.

Take a breath, please, and know that there are many touching your lives, touching your heart, giving you the support that you need in these times, filling you when you take the time to recognize that you are being filled. In a free-will universe, you know this does not happen without your consent. So we ask you for that consent to us, loving you, guiding you, preparing the way for this incredible journey that you are on, this path of transformation.

There is nothing wrong here. There is nothing broken. There are only cracks in the foundation of a very old paradigm. Those cracks will make that old foundation fall away, while a new foundation of light and awareness of the divine is already being built. It is being built in your consciousness, and you are a part of that.

So, our dear Shining Ones, keep shining your light. Keep finding it. Please remember, and we will help you hold that light higher and higher so that you can see the way, and you can lead the way for others. This is our mandate for you and to you. This is the time of your 8. You also call that your infinity. There is no mistake there! Enjoy the light shining on your infinity as we step back and give this meeting back to our beloved Mele’ha. We step back.

Closing Words

Take a breath. I need to take a stretch. Yeah! Thank you, Star Mothers. Thank you, beautiful family. This truly is a time of transformation. Yeah. And we are not broken. We never were. We are just transforming. Sometimes it is not pretty, but it is a little like giving birth, I think. You know it is going to happen, no matter what. The best we can do is to breathe through it and focus on the blessings that we are creating together.

Thank you for shining your full moonlight all the time, not just during this full moon time. I look forward to when I see you again in the virtual world or in the physical world or in the multidimensional world. Thank you, beautiful, shining, wonderful people.

Mahalo Nui loa and Aloha for now … Ciao … Kon’nichiwa … Adiós … Au revoir…