August 14, 2020 – August New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – English

August New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers
August 14th, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

The following is a transcript of the live event given by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on August 14th, 2020. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please take into consideration that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Mele’ha – Greetings and Introduction

Beautiful. It is six minutes after the hour. Let us begin our New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers. I want to give a short explanation for those of you who perhaps have not been to the Circle before. It began in March on the spring equinox when the Star Mothers showed me a new direction. We had just gone into confinement – I like that expression better than the other words – because of the virus. The Star Mothers said this will be a way to bring their energy right into your home, more fully, directly to you, all the people here on the planet, the people that are connected to the circle, and even to those who are not connected. It does not matter.

Each one of us who helps bring in this energy creates more light. So, regardless of how this works out for you, even if you are only able to listen to it, you bring in your light, and we share our light with you. If you are not able to see this until later, that is okay. You can create your portal to the Star Mothers at any time. It does not matter.

What the Star Mothers instructed me to do back in March on the equinox was to create a portal to the Star Mothers with the cards, the Lemurian Codes for Activation and Healing. Now what I did not realize was they were going to have me do three portals, one on each day for the three days of the equinox. And in the last channel that they gave me on the third day, they said, “Mele’ha” – which is my Lemurian name – “you are not remembering that it was three years ago that these cards, this concept, came into being.”

And it is true. That was three years ago. Lots have happened, so it was a sort of anniversary and a new beginning then to what these codes have. So for those of you that do not have the cards, do not worry. It is okay. You can use other cards. It is your intention that counts.

If you do have the cards and you are going to be a part of this, we are going to build a circle with the cards. Then we are going to use the five elements of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. You may wonder what that is. I will not go much into that here. You can find out about it on my website under the drop-down item, The Shamanic Teaching Wheel. You can find out more about that there.

Those five elements are earth, water – which is ceremony -, fire, and air – which is actually wind because there is movement -, and then culture. Culture is the element of who we are as people. What is the culture that we are in right now? It is a very different culture than it was six months ago. You may be the same person, but we are in a different culture. So the fifth element is something that represents the culture. And then in the center, the hub of the wheel is you and your relationship to Spirit. So there are actually six things, the five spokes and then the center, the hub. The cards then form the rim, the outside of the wheel.

I am now going to turn my camera away from me so you can see the place where I am going to build the wheel. As you see, I have already placed the book Women of Lemuria in my wheel to the Star Mothers. We are going to start with the cards. We build this starting with Star Center 11 on the bottom. If we were using the face of a clock, that would be six o’clock. Then we continue with Star Center 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – the circle takes on a different shape every time I do this- 7, 8, 9, 10, and then back to 11. You do not have to be doing this on something round. You can do it anywhere. You can do it on a square table. You can do it on a piece of fabric on the floor.

Today I have decided to use hearts. I have used lots of other things in the past, but today I want to use hearts to represent the different parts of the wheel and also because I just got a beautiful birthday present from my Star Sister Katrina. This beautiful, crocheted piece is going to go to the center. That represents me. Now I am also going to put this tachyon in the center. It is a laser-enhanced, leaded glass which is used as a healing tool. So, this is going to represent me right here in the center.

For the earth element, I have another beautiful heart that has a tree etched into it. That can go right here. That is my earth. My fire is a heart that is hand-blown glass. That is made with a lot of heat, right? So that is the fire element. This here is going to be the water. It is selenite, and I just felt the water energy of it as a look at it today. Tracy, this is from you. You gave this to me when I was in Ottawa a long time ago. At least it feels like a long time ago. Culture is going to be this heart because this was a gift from a very old friend. We just had our Christmas about a week ago, so that represents the culture of me. And then I have this beautiful hand-painted stone. This is from Deb DeLisi, who created the beautiful movement of stones with hearts, The Abundant Love Project. So that is my last spoke right there.

Okay. Let me say again that you do not have to do it this way. This is what I am doing today. Last time I used wind as feathers. Today this is my wind – right here, this one – because it has the squiggles on it, that felt like movement: Last time I had feathers for wind, and I had a candle for fire. So, just use those five elements and then place yourself in the center. Sometimes I have a goddess here, but all these things are from goddesses, so that made it feel right to me. I put the book Women of Lemuria here because I have it, and the Star Mothers can watch over my wheel. Last time I did it, I had a huge painting. I was in a different room where I could prop the painting up against the wall. But this is what we have today.

Once you have formed a circle with your cards and you have your elements in the circle, I am going to read the cards out loud. But first I wanted to read you something from the book The Women of Lemuria because it has to do with the Codes. The channel from Kryon begins on page 133, and it was in 2017. I will just read a small part of it. Kryon says,

So let us go to the next lesson. By the way, Mele’ha has been given many things in her Lemurian remembrance here in this time. I asked her – and this is Kryon speaking – “Where was the sisterhood?” Now we have one. I asked her, “Where were the songs?” Now you have some. That’s The Sacred Songs of Lemuria CD. She was asked, “Where are the Codes and some of the secrets of healing and learning?” And now she has those as well. Now I say, “Where are the lessons? And she is developing them.

So I knew that was in there, but I had not really thought about it for a while. I wanted to just sort of look at that today, how our lives and how the Sisterhood have evolved in the different things that happened to create where it is right.

So now I am going to read to you the Codes, one at a time. I am going to start at Star Center 11. I am going to go around clockwise and end with Star Center 11. Then we will have a little channel from the Star Mothers. You do not have to watch it. You are not going to see me or anything change. This is just going to be this moment of quiet around the circle. This circle is here to be a portal to the Star Mothers, to open, to tell them, “Yes, we are here. We are ready. We are waiting. We are together.”

And right now, we are together from all across the world to do this. So, it is a beautiful day; every day is a beautiful day to do this. Alright, so eyes closed, take a breath. A big inhale, another exhale. And just feeling the energy of the Star Mothers around us right now as we begin to open our minds, our hearts, and our Lemurian Akash to their message.

Mele’ha reads all of the cards, starting and ending with card number 11.

And then take a breath, close your eyes as the Star Mothers come in with their blessing for this time. Wherever you are on the planet, know that there is a connection, that the Star Mothers connect each one of us to them and each one of us to each other. This is a worldwide event, and the importance of holding the benevolence and love, compassion, gratitude of the Star Mothers in our hearts and in our lives is why we are here now. Take another breath.

Star Mothers

Dear Shining Ones, we step forward into all of these many portals with great celebration and gratitude to the beautiful beings who are putting together this time. We thank our beloved Mele’ha for being the voice of the Star Mothers, the Star Grandmothers, and the collective of Galaxy Mothers all the way out to the beautiful Andromeda. They are in alignment with you in this moment.

And if you would now imagine that from the portal that you have created – and there are many that are so unique, we are looking at them all right now – that from that portal, there is a beam of energy. And it is, Beloved Shining Ones, why you are here, why you have chosen this family, this time, this celebration, this gathering. Please know that we are always with you because we are inside of you as a spark of the Divine. And that spark of the Divine is hooked to the field, and the field is connected through these portals.

This is a beautiful time. This is a time of transformation, the caterpillar and the butterfly, whatever metaphor you wish to use. You are ushering in The Age of Light, a time of new beginnings, a time of cracking open the chrysalis. And it is sometimes difficult. And it is sometimes scary, but indeed, you are all the butterflies, all the angels, all the children of the Star Mothers and Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers. Your lineage is long and strong. And though there is at times, some confusion you do have the teachers to go to and the internal teachers, the memory of your Lemurian Akash. Go there. Feel that. Remember that each one of you – no one is left out here – each one of you is here on purpose. So come into the portal with us. Step in, fall in, pour in, lie in the portal.

We are together at last. After 25,000 years, at least, we are together at last. And this is something to celebrate. When you think of your life as perhaps a ten-year-old, you had no idea you were born for this. You may have been the odd one, the strange one in your family. We know. We know many of you. You may have gone out of the family and into your own orbit at a very young age to find who you came here to be. And you may not have found her or him yet in completion. We hope that this process keeps unfolding. Of course, it will. When it is done unfolding, there is no more reason for you to be on the planet. So keep finding what is next. Keep reaching for our hand because we are there to hold it. Keep reaching from your heart to our hearts. Keep listening to the music of Creation. As some have said, the music of the songline of Lemuria, it is with you now.

There are the goddesses that are creating this, and we celebrate that. It is just getting good. Do not go anywhere. Help this time. Help this grow. Help this time unfold. Yes, it can unfold with grace and ease if it unfolds without resistance and fear. It is time for another sticky note as Melle’ha would say. Yes, this can unfold with grace and ease. The only thing that keeps that from happening is fear, one thing, one simple – enormous sometimes – thing, yes. But that is your choice. So let us help you choose away from fear and into benevolence, away from fear and into knowing who you are and why you are here, into the family of light.

Step into the portal and feel the energy of the Star Mothers inside and out and throughout the planet and the galaxy. We bring love, the one love of the Source, and we leave that with you, in you, around you. And we hold your hearts in our hearts. And we step back now to the rim, to outside the circle of the Codes Mele’ha has created. We step back, and we hold sacred space for you to continue unfolding your life’s work. Dear Shining Ones, there is love and more love and only love pouring from the vessel of our hearts into yours. We step back.

Closing remarks

Take a breath. Oh dear, my my my. So here we are, Beloved Ones, at the end of our time together. I am coming back to you. Hi, everybody.

I know that there are a few questions, so I want to take a minute to answer those in terms of the portal. You can leave the portal up as long as you want. I will endeavor to create another one with you on each new moon. So whatever works for you. It is not a “have to.” It is a “get to.” Right? So you get to leave it up, or you get to take it down. It does not matter. Do what your intuition tells you.

If you do not have the Cards, you can find them on my website. They are available there in five languages. If you do not have them, you know what someone did? They took a piece of paper, and they put a number on one side that said, “Star Center 11,” and that became that card for their portal. They did it on colored paper. How about that? So you can do that. Some people use different cards. These are what these cards were born for. Do not try to limit yourself. Let it flow, follow your heart, follow your intuition. That is what the Star Mothers tell us all the time. Okay. So thank you for being here with me today and bringing the energy of the Star Mothers in from all over the planet.

Yeah. Tomorrow at 2 o’clock mountain time is the New Moon ShaWoman Sacred Circle. For the first time, we have as special guest Kryon coming to be with us right at the beginning of the meeting. You can find the registration for that on my website under Events. Next weekend we have the Lemurian Sisterhood on Saturday night the 22nd, again with Kryon. That will be part of the Kryon Vancouver weekend. And that will be the last scheduled weekend that we do, a two-day Kryon event. Yeah. After that, there will still be more of these portals and more of the Lemurian Lunation and the New Moon meetings.

And of course, in October, we have the Star Seed Gathering in Tucson, Arizona. That is with those who have been given Lemurian names in this lifetime by Kryon. So that will be Monica Muranyi and me, Dr. Todd, Peggy Dubro, and John Ryan. Some will be there in-person, and some will be streaming. It is Tucson, of course, and I will be there in person, and so will Peggy coming from Sedona. Lee will be there and Elan, who lives right next door, pretty much. I am sure he will drop by. John Ryan will be streaming, and so will Dr. Todd. It is going to be a wonderful gathering. I am really excited, and my beautiful hosts from Tucson will be with me. Yeah, goddesses!

So thank you all for anchoring the grid from around the world. “Thanks for the Star Mothers’ hot fire energy,” said Abby. You are also welcome.

I know that this does not end when I say goodbye. It keeps going. This is energy and cannot be turned off like a switch. It just keeps building in the most beautiful and benevolent way. I am blessed to be a part of it and blessed to have all of you in my life. Thank you so much. Thank you for your love, your healing energy, and your prayers. Thank you. Blessings to you all by for today.