April 21 2020: Star Mothers New Moon Portal – English

April Star Mothers New Moon Portal

April 21, 2020

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

This is a transcript of the live event given by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on April 22, 2020. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please take into consideration that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Mele’ha – Greetings and Introduction

Hi, everybody! Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf here. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are. Regardless of what is happening in our world, I am happy that you have decided to take a few minutes to be here with the community and me, that we just have some time together to connect, to really get interested in what we are doing together. How beautiful it is that we can do this together! I love that we can get together like this and create something that has never been created before. It is amazing that we are doing that now. We are creating something that has never existed on the planet before. It is the same with each one of us. We have existed on the planet before, but not like we are right now. That is exciting to me.

Today we have the April new moon. A new moon is always a beautiful time. In these times, where many of you must stay at home, the atmosphere may be a little clearer. If you can now see the moon and the stars better, that is good! We are recording these meetings, and we post them on Facebook and my YouTube channel. Both sites are named “Lemurian Sisterhood Global.”

The world has become a different place since we were together on the last new moon, has it not? It is amazing how much has happened in those 28 days. This new moon portal is the continuation of what we are doing here with the Star Mothers. It is different because we have yet another new moon today. Just think back those few weeks to the last new moon at the end of March, around the time of the equinox, and all that has happened between then and now. Just think about how different that was and what we did during that time. If you were able to join me during that new moon time during the equinox, we created three portals to the Star Mothers. They told us that those portals were the fifth activation of the Lemurian Codes and that we were to keep using the Lemurian Codes on every new moon. I am dedicated to doing just that with you today for this new moon and tomorrow on Earth Day. I will be online. The Star Mothers are the ones that are “running this show.” They are making this happen. They have inspired me to spend this time with you – in my dining room! – to continue the creation of these portals.

If you cannot be with me live every month, just create your portals during the new moon time at home. Use your cards and create your portals. I am going to walk us through the creation process once again today. If there are those among you who have not done this before with me, then we will do it again now.

The Star Mother, who is here, has told me that it has been three years now since these cards were created. The Lemurian Codes were created three years ago. They also reminded me of that at our last meeting on the equinox in March. That meeting was called the Global Consciousness Reset. If you were not able to be there with me live, you can look on my YouTube (Lemurian Sisterhood Global) site and relive what we experienced creating these amazing portals in these three days during the equinox and the new moon. The portals have to do with the Shamanic Teaching Wheel and the Lemurian Codes and how they interact.

I know that not everyone has the Lemurian Code Cards. Of course, the cards were the form in which it was given to me, but please consider the following: your intention is as powerful as anything in creation. If you do not have these cards, then I suggest that you just make yourself some from a piece of paper. The cards are 4″ x 4″ (10.2 cm x 10.2 cm). Write the numbers on the one side of the paper, 1 through 11. On the other side, where we have the Activations printed, write, “Lemurian Activation Codes.” Just make your own. You may feel drawn to using other card decks, 11 other cards. Or maybe you have these cards, and you want to use other cards with them. Use your intuition. Use your Akashic memory. That is what this is about. Who were we then, and who are we now?

What I am talking about here are the activations that go with the Lemurian Code Cards. This is the fifth activation. There are four other activations. All of them are described in detail on my website.


Before I start by placing the cards on the table into a circle, I would like to do a little meditation with you first. Let us take a breath together and relax. Take another breath in and out. Just give yourself a moment to step aside from the celebration and come into a place where you feel your own heart. What does that feel like? You know it is beating because you are breathing. You know it is beating because you are alive. But what else do you feel there? Just feel it. You do not need to have a conversation about it. Just be with it. You might want to place your hand on your heart with the feeling of gratitude. “I am so grateful that we can be together today. I am so grateful, for in the future when people will listen to this, they will find something special for themselves because we as a community have created that together.”

Now take another breath. Hmm. And when you come back into the “now,” and it is time to open your eyes, in a moment, see if you can be more aware of that place right in the center of your body, your heart, during this time together. You can keep checking back in. You can touch your heart anytime. Notice that you feel more centered, more peaceful, more grounded, as you do this.

Take another big breath in and out. Let us breathe in “I am” and breathe out “peace.” “I am … peace.” One more time. “I am … peace.” And then, gently, and slowly, open your eyes and just let that mantra keep going. “I am … peace. I am … peace.” Beautiful. Thank you! Thank you!

Building the Portal

What we will do first is lay out the cards in a clockwise circle, beginning with Star Center 11. We follow with Star Center 1. Then 2 and we continue with Star Centers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and finally Star Center 10. The circle itself is then complete.

In the next step, we are going to place six objects inside of this circle. The use of these six objects goes back to the beginning teachings of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. To give you an idea of how these elements can be chosen and used, I will describe the ones I have chosen for this portal. We have the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and culture. I have assembled several little bowls that are all gifts that I have received from other people. I wanted all these things to represent my elements.

I am going to start with this little wooden carved bowl to represent “earth.” It does not matter in which order you place the elements into the circle. My sun sign is Taurus, so I always start with earth. I am going to place it just on the side of the circle, right there.

For the element “air,” I am using this bowl. I do not remember where it came from, but it was also a gift. I am using this because it has these little wavy lines in here that remind me of – Kryon said it is not actually air, it is wind – so this reminds me of the wind blowing. That bowl is going there.

I am using this purple one for my “fire” because it is purple. I am going to put that there.

My “water” element is going to be this beautiful shell that my sister gave me. It is from Florida. I am going to put that right there.

This one is from my dear friend Mary Sweet who makes my website beautiful, and we share the same birthday. I want to use that as the element “culture.” But inside of the culture, I am putting this tiny, little thing. Can you see that? It is an amber wolf that someone sent me. It is a wolf carved out of a piece of amber. If you could see it like I see it right now, there are a couple of little eyes that are inlaid right on the very top. I am placing my “amber wolf” right into my culture bowl. This little bowl is from France. I have French heritage through Québec, so that felt good to me.

The sixth element goes into the center of this wheel. We put something in here that has to do with Source/Self. Source with a capital S/Self with a capital S. What does that represent? What do you feel that you want to put there to represent yourself today? For me, today, what called me was this beautiful purple glitter candle that was a birthday gift given to me when I was in Salem, Massachusetts, many years ago on my birthday. It is already lit. That just felt right to me. Finally, I wanted to add a couple of these big crystals, just to anchor the center of the wheel here with the Self and the Source.

You see how easily and beautifully that all came together. After having done this last time so many of you sent me beautiful pictures of what you have created. We posted them on the Lemurian Sisterhood Global Group and in the Facebook Group for the Lemurian Codes. And here we are together again, creating another new moon portal to the Star Mothers.

Reading the Cards Out Loud

What I would like to do next is read the cards to you out loud. You can relax and close your eyes. I am going to read these, and you know as I do, these messages are from the Star Mothers. It is the Star Mothers that are speaking through me. So again, just relax. You do not need to do anything. There is nothing to see. Just let your energy be taken as this process begins. Here we go.

Star Center 11         From Mother Gaia comes …

Take a breath. A big breath in … a breath out. Do that between each of these readings.

Star Center 1           “Up from the crystalline structure …

Take a breath in and out. And you can breathe in “I am,” and you can breathe out “peace” each time.

Star Center 2           From the cauldron …

Big breath in, “I,” big breath out, “am.” We move to Star Center 3. As we move up the numbers, just feel yourself starting to unwind a little bit and relax into this healing and this beautiful portal reset from the Star Mothers.

Star Center 3           You have come into form …

Big breath in and out. And we come to Star Center 4, the heart.

Star Center 4           In the blending …

“I am peace.” Ahh. Now Star Center 5, right here at the throat.

Star Center 5           You express your Divine Will …

Big breath in “I am,” exhale “the one truth.”

Star Center 6           Deep in the physical center …

Big breath in. Ahh. And out. All of you that are listening now just let these first 6, just let them sink in. Beautiful! We go to Star Center 7, the Crown.

Star Center 7           The Divine Source calls…

Big Breath in and out. Now Star Center 8, this beautiful, amazing piece of art that represents our DNA.

Star Center 8           As collaborators …

Big breath in and out. Ah …

Star Center 9           Your aspect of the …

Big breath in and out. And we move now to Star Center 10, the Divine Masculine.

Star Center 10         Your connection …

We end using the same card that we began with Star Center 11. This is in honor of our Mother Gaia, where we come from as human beings.

Star Center 11         From Mother Gaia …

Just close your eyes for a moment breathing softly, deeply, allowing the messages of the 11 cards to sink in. See that circle of 1 through 11 in your mind’s eye, those magical numbers, all the Star Centers, and the energy that the Star Mothers give us through them.

Now the Star Mothers come to say a few words.

Star Mothers

Dear shining ones, we step into the circle through our dear Mele’ha. And we say this to you today: It is a time for cycles, for circles, for meetings, for connection. It is a time for reconnecting to the planetary cycle and through this meeting to the moon cycle, which is the most important to women from the time they are born till the time they leave the planet. We ask you to please continue learning about this cycle and how it affects you, whether Mele’ha is your guide, or there are others who are doing this work that you follow. Let the information in and judge for yourself what feels right to you, what says “yes” to you, what vibrates with your Akashic memory, those moon celebrations that you did at the feet of the Star mothers. Do you remember?

Take a breath.

And if you do not remember right now, continue creating these new moon circles with the Activation Codes, and you will remember. That is what that is for, a ceremony to reawaken, to reconnect, to remember yourself as a part of Lemurian society, as a part of the Sacred Sisterhood, as a part of the original spiritual awakening of this planet.

Take a breath, please.

For now, here you are again, another awakening time on the planet. And some of you may know that this was planned. Of course, it was! Every awakening is purposeful, and every awakening is different. So, of course, this one now for humans is not the same as in Lemuria. But the Lemurian awakening was more than anything you are going to experience now. Accept that. You have memories. And let those memories come into the “now” and use what you know from your own ancient Akash, as these circles, as these codes continue to awaken your Akashic memories. Use that ancient wisdom now.

The planet is different. The times are different. But you, old souls, are the same. Wiser, of course, in a new body, in a new time, for a new planetary awakening. Bring in the light, beloved ones. Bring in the light.

We step back now. We return the circle to Mele’ha, and to the teachers around the world who are dedicated to bringing in the light.

Questions and Answers with Mele’ha

That was lovely. Thank you all for being with me. If you have any questions about the Star mothers …

“How long do we keep the altar with us?”

If you can, keep it until the next new moon when you rebuild it. That may not be practical. My portal is on my dining room table, but sometimes I do leave it up for a week. When you take it down, do it peacefully and quietly. Stay as focused as you were when you put it up. Remain in that place inside of you. We all are others inside of us, are we not? We all are the beautiful goddesses that carry all this inside of us, and now here is an outward manifestation of that. That was a great question. Thank you.

“What if I am listening to this at a later time?”

If you are listening to this at a later time, for example, in a recording, that is no problem. You can create this any time you like. You do not have to start over. The Star Mothers said that we will do this for 11 moons, 11 new moons. The first one was in March, and this is April. This is number 2, and we have a lot more to go. I hope you will join us again.

“I have the feeling it is becoming a part of me.”

That is right. It does become a part of you. I have also noticed that it starts to talk to me. It tells me what I am going to use the next time. I knew, for example, that I was going to use these little bowls at this altar weeks ago. Yes, weeks ago! But I did not know until today that I would be using my purple glitter candle in the center. The connection that the Star Mothers create with us is very intuitive.

“Where can I buy the cards in South America or Mexico?”

Thank you for that reminder. If you want to buy the cards in South America or Mexico, we now have a publisher there named Paola E. Acosta.

Her email is [email protected].

“When are the next events?”

Tomorrow at noon, we have another beautiful Earth Day new moon celebration and more information – a real introduction – about the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. The link is www.bit.ly/NewMoonLS. We will have a second event with a Kryon channel on this link, www.bit.ly.BerkelyLS. Visit me tomorrow. You have to register for that event. It will be recorded. If you cannot make it, it will be available afterward.

“What is the Shamanic Teaching Wheel?”

I am very excited about the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. The Star Mothers are giving me lots of information and downloads. I am building a school called “Shamanic Teaching Wheel Journeys,” which appears under the umbrella of the “Lemurian Shamanism School.” That will be available to the public as it starts to arrive. There is a little bit of information on my website right now. You can find it under a new tab called “Shamanic Teaching Wheel.”

Final Words

My message to all of you is, be the light that you are, wherever you are. There is a great need for more light. We need to love ourselves as the beautiful goddesses that we are, as the addition to the planet that we are, as we wake up, and we love ourselves. We all need to be here doing this, everybody. There is not anyone that needs to feel that they are not enough to join us. That is an old paradigm. Let us get rid of that. Let us be here together. Let us create these beautiful wheels that bring in the energy of peace to the planet, the energy of the light of the Star Mothers. This is their portal. This is their energy. This Star Mother picture is from the cover of the book “The Women of Lemuria,” and that is the anchor for my sacred portal every time.

Thank you for being here with me, every one of you. Thank you! My love. My “Mahalo,” my “Aloha,” my “ciao” for now. I hope to see you tomorrow for more amazing, beautiful, connections to the Star Mothers, to the sacred Teaching Wheel, the Shamanic Teaching Wheel of Lemuria. Bye for now.