January 14, 2021 January New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers – English

January New Moon Portal to the Star Mothers
January 14th, 2021

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf

The following is a transcript of the event presented by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with the Star Mothers on January 14th, 2021. This transcript has been edited to provide a better understanding. Some information of lesser importance has been omitted. Some other points have been condensed. Please bear in mind that the live experience carries unique, magical energy within it, which creates a communication that cannot necessarily be conveyed in the same way through the printed page. Enjoy.

Hello everybody! Good morning. I am happy to be here with you on Facebook Live. You will hear in the background a little bit of the beautiful toning from Dr. Todd. I will leave it on for a short time while we are waiting for everybody to tune in. Welcome to this first New Moon of 2021. It is the beginning of another year.

Dr. Todd, Yawee, was my younger brother in Lemuria. Imagine having two brothers, and I was the middle child. Dr. Todd was the younger, Lee Carroll, the older brother. That brought me all of the patience I needed and more. We have the tones from Dr. Todd. I asked him to make these tones because the Star Mothers give me a story of something they called the Pleiadian Song Line. It was how they called us in, called our souls from the Cosmos into the body of a Star Mother. There was always a song that they used to call our particular souls in, and that song became our name.

It was a beautiful download from the Star Mothers, which became activation number six of the Lemurian Codes. When Todd was here in Tucson, I asked him to do tones for that Pleiadian song line. And he did, so these were recorded live right here in Tucson.

The calendar has turned. We are now thirteen days into 2021. I hope you were not thinking that everything was going to magically get better! It seems for the first few days it didn’t. But that is relative depending on whether you mean better out there or better in here.

I will be sending out a copy of those tones. You will receive a copy if you are on my email list. Dear Shamir created a loop of these tones that is a little over fifteen minutes long, so you can hear it over and over and over again if you like. Sometimes, I leave it on my computer and press the replay button when I do my household chores.

Dominique is asking if it would be a good idea to take her cards out. Absolutely! That is what you start with. That is what this is about! Since March of last year, we have been doing this circle. We have only two more in this sacred assignment that the Star Mothers gave me, February and March. That is when it began last year. It was March of the equinox. If you did not join me then, the assignment was to create these portals to the Star Mothers to have our homes connect their energy more directly to us.

Now we know that we are star seeds, that we have them in us all the time, and they are always with us. But I find that when I do these portals, they intensify my attention and awareness of them being with me. I think that is great. Whatever it takes is okay, right? Whatever it takes to keep us coming back to what is real in our inner world, instead of what is kind of unreal in the outer world.

Here is another question: Are there replays of this available? Thank you for that question. Yes, all of these beautiful Portals to the Star Mothers are available on my YouTube channel “Lemurian Sisterhood Globa.” You will just have to browse through; you will see one every month, always on the new moon. That was the assignment to do them on the New Moon.

Now I would like to start, and I begin by putting these 11 Lemurian Code Cards on the roundtable in my dining room. That is what works best for me. I begin by placing Star Center 11 here and then continue by laying the cards in a circle clockwise. I start with 11, followed then by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and there we are back to 11. The Star Mothers said that we should bring in the Teaching Wheel’s spokes once this was completed. That creates the center of the circle.

We have the cards, and then we have the spokes of the wheel. The spokes of the wheel are represented by Earth, Fire, water, wind, and culture. In the center of the wheel, the wheel’s hub is where we place ourselves as an example of us relating to our spiritual selves. Today I will start with the center of the wheel. I am using this beautiful crown that a woman here in Tucson made. It is copper, very flexible, and light. The center is this exquisite stone that represents me and my spiritual connection to the One.

Today I am using this beautiful Merkaba crystal to represent Earth. It was cut here in Tucson, but I am sure it originates from Brazil or Arkansas. It makes me feel good because it has a spiral – I love spirals -, and it also is part of our Lemurian heritage. We lived on the continent of Mu that was surrounded by an ocean.

For Wind, I have a feather that I – once again – just found. It has been with me for quite a while. It is a Hawk feather, and during the recreation of my home this winter, it resurfaced. You may think I should be speaking of Air as in the usual listing of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, but do not. I speak of Wind because Wind is air in movement. Air is stagnant, but we can talk about it as Wind when we experience it in motion.

What comes next is Fire, and this is a kind of crossover. This beautiful Lemurian Sisterhood candle is going to be my Fire right here. You probably saw that on New Year’s Day. I light it only on special occasions because it is the last one I have left.

I will use this Tree of Life with the heart in it as my culture. It represents who I am. You know I am very Torian and well-grounded in the Earth, but at the same time, I am always reaching to the heavens. In the center of this is my heart, which really brings me to love this work so much. It is my heart. I will put that one right there, and as you see in the background is the Star Mother, the beautiful Star Mother. There we are!

You can leave these portals up as long as you want to in your house. Mine is usually up a couple of days just because I like the energy. Some people leave them up longer because they have a suitable place. This is my dining room table. I do not have to eat here all the time, but I want to after a couple of days, and I do that. You can leave your portal up as long as you want. You can move it. You can put it someplace else. You can use it. It does not have to be precisely round. If you have a rectangular, long, skinny table, then make a long oval with your cards. You do not always have to do what I do. Create something magical for you.

Next month is rose quartz month, so I will be using only rose quartz. February is the month of the heart, so I will be making all of my spokes and the hub from rose quartz. That is just a little warning! Perhaps you will want to do that, too. Or maybe you would like to do that right now. One month I used only spirals, and in another month, I used only bay leaves. I trust that the Star Mothers will show me the right direction.

Now I will read to you all these cards. If you are here with us right now or even afterward, I would just ask you to go to a quiet place to listen. You do not have to watch me because I am not going to do anything. I will just sit here and read from the deck of cards to you. So regardless if you have created a circle or not, you can just meditate while I do this. The Star Mother energy comes in more and more as the circle grows. I will leave the camera on this beautiful circle.

Now just take a deep breath and begin to leave your outside world outside, letting the inside world be the focus, allowing the beautiful guidance and love of the Star Mothers to come in. They gave me these cards almost four years ago in March to put this system together to help reawaken the DNA that is hibernating inside of us from our days in Lemuria. Our DNA is always awake. Otherwise, we would not be alive. It is always activated, but this part, your Lemurian part, has been sleeping. When you do the first activation with these cards and when we create these circles, that begins to shift.

Take another little breath in and out, softening your face, just allowing yourself to go a bit deeper into a quiet place inside. There is nothing to do but be. Take another breath.

Mele’ha reads all of the cards, starting and ending with card number 11.

You can focus on your altar, or you can focus on the altar inside of you that you are as beautiful Star Being as I ask the Star Mothers to come forward and give us their wisdom for today

Star Mothers

Dear Shining Ones, we step forward so happily into this circle, into this portal. And we ask those of you who are listening to see us and feel us in the center not only as Beings of Light but also as Beings of Purpose. We are here. We are here as though we have never been gone. We are here to herald the New Age with you. And for us, as we watch the growing pains, the birthing pains of this New Age, it is not a surprise. For you, it is a surprise. And in many ways, it has been uncomfortable and unpleasant and sometimes dangerous and very sad in the three-dimensional world.

We asked our Mele’ha to create these portals to transmute some of that energy. There is a great polarity at this time. We are asking all of you from all of us to create a portal of awareness inside of you for the choices that you have every day, every moment. You can choose to stand with us in this awakening, or you can choose to step away and step into fear. And we know that the human mind will do both. Do not shame yourselves for being fearful, for certainly there is plenty in your world that can look and be fearful and dangerous.

This has always been the way, dear ones. It has never been quite so planetary, quite so global. So as Mele’ha has brought you here from all over your globe, you know you are making light in your part of the globe. It does not matter when you do this portal. We do it with you on the New Moon because it is a new beginning and a culmination. Just like your age is a culmination of the old energy moving into the new. It happens every New Moon. And it happens in bigger spans of time. It happens every 26,000 years. It happens every 18,000 years. It happens every 20,000, 10,000. It can happen every day.

The idea is where do you choose to be with your consciousness? No matter what is going on outside, the test of the times is for you to be on the inside in a fearless, courageous, creative, and compassionate place. For this is what moves humanity through its fears. And it takes only one of you, as you know, to bring light to a very dark area. A very small amount of light lights up a great amount of darkness. If you were to be, let us say, in a warehouse and turn on a candle, that dark warehouse is no longer dark. Even in the furthest corners, some of that light is penetrating. So imagine, dear beloved Shining Ones, what you are doing right now where ever you are and what you will continue to do to anchor that light inside of you. That is why we create these rituals, these ceremonies to remind you how to anchor that light inside of you.

You do this by having a practice. You do this by having a point that you return to again and again. And this time, it is a point of light. And you know you are not alone trying to do this just on your own. You are not – as Mele’ha is telling us – just one person sticking their finger in the dike trying to hold back the tide! It is not just one. There are so many, and the number is growing. And as the number grows, more light will show up in more darkness as it should. As it should. Continue, our Beloved Children, continue, please keep saying prayers for peace, prayers for compassion, affirmations for consciousness, declarations like, “I am sacred.”

Take a breath with us.

Dear humans, dear humanity, dear Shining Star Seeds. This is your time, no matter what it looks like on the outside. Come together in unity, the unity of community. This is your time. You were born for this. Some of you are still being birthed for this. And imagine the children being born today and the world that they are coming into. Teach them kindness, compassion, courage, creativity, and they will be the parents of a different generation, just as you are, just as you will become once again.

We step back, dear Shining Ones, but we are in the center of the circle with you. Even when you disassemble your circle, we are still present always. We are as close to you as a thought. When you think of us, when you remember, you not only remember us, you remember who you are. Take a breath as we step back and return this meeting to all of you and our beloved Mele’ha.

Closing Remarks

Okay, dear people, thank you for being with me today in this portal at this beautiful time. As the Star Mothers say, we do this together, we awaken together, we create the New Earth together. Every time we do something like this, we help to birth that energy of a New World that we were born to create. We were born to create this. If you have been on the Earth as long as I have – or longer – you have seen so many changes. It is hard to believe that we have gone from what was to what is and what will become.

Please be kind to yourself. Compassion starts inside of you. You have got to love yourself first. Kryon says this beautiful quote, “You have got to love yourself first. That is where compassion starts, which is so pure. And then it reaches out from you into the world and touches the hearts and the lives of others.”

Thank you for being with me today. I send you my big mahalo nui loa. Thank you from my heart, from the heart of Lemuria, to all of you.

Aloha for now.