$33.00 USD

The Ritual of the Ripened Harvest - Fall Equinox

Please join us for sacred ceremony, channels, reflection time, and setting intention for the autumn quarter of the year - a time for the Goddess to connect with her deeper self-awareness.

As the brilliance of summer softening into autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere) we’re experiencing the days getting shorter, nights longer and the changes in our biorhythm.The Autumn Equinox is a time ripe with balance and harmony, transition and change, harvest and gratitude, and inner reflection. This is a shift between the extroverted spring/summer period, which is all about play, pleasure, and connection, and the introverted fall/winter, which is a time for rest, intimate connection, solitude, and reflection.

As we enter what could be considered ‘moon season,’ when we begin to spend more time in darkness and see the moon in the sky for longer periods of time. With more moon time, we have her light to see ourselves by. 

A sacred ceremony, based on our gratitude to the world of nature, will anchor our time together.