When You Make Another Choice

I'd love to say that my Holidays were perfect. I was able to visit my son, Orion, and his family in South Carolina... but...

How do I minimize a midnight trip to the ER? It was downright scary! My son Orion was my escort, my rock, and my champion. What an unexpected thing to bond a mother and son. I came out of the hospital that night with all systems back to 'normal,' a diagnosis of high blood pressure (brought on by stress and anxiety), and a definite prescription for rest... just in time for the New Year.

There is a fascinating wave that happens for all of us when we begin a New Year, and almost everyone on the planet connects to it. This is a gift, given to us by the creative source, and a blessing. We can use the collective energy of that wave to manifest our dreams and desires. The morphic field is a powerful thing, and we are all affected by it and can tap into it. That is one of the magnificent things about energy, isn’t it?

To that end, I got off social media for an undetermined amount of time to cultivate half the doing and twice as much being. That is my moment-to-moment practice that hopefully becomes a habit. Every day, really all day, we have opportunities to choose - if we desire. No one can give us that or take it away; it is a gift that we come in with. Sometimes we forget that we have this beautiful gift, or that we deserve it, and forget to use it for our own healing.

With so much pressure on competition in the marketplace - a marketplace created for us - if we are in business, we are pressured to keep up with our ‘competitors’ by posting more, creating advertising, and getting our face in the media. I love ‘informing’ and being informed but being pushed at (or pushing) by sales is in NOT the new energy! I’m looking at more attracting instead, and I’m focusing on using that same amount of energy (gently, of course) to move my gifts into the consciousness of those who are meant to connect with them.

I've also made a choice for balance and New Beginnings that honor the magnificent soul I came here to be with, and give her/me all the love, space, and nurturing that is necessary and possible. In the spirit of cooperating with my divine self, I trust that we are all here with a clear purpose; to uplift the consciousness of the planet. This isn’t ego, but my choice to serve during this lifetime.

My prayer is that this may help serve to inspire you and your year ahead! We lift each other up, we remind each other of our mission. We can hold each other in the moments of forgetting, reminding, and being reminded that we aspire to the same thing… happiness and love.

Love from the center of harmony, Amber Mele'ha