What are Lemurian Crystals?

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What are Lemurian Crystals?

There are many thoughts and opinions about Lemurian (seed) Crystals. For my answers, I went directly to the Pleiadian Star Mothers. Here is their response:

“Dear Shining Ones,

As your geology tells you, the strata of your planet have been through multiple sifts and upheavals over the millennia of its existence. One result of this is that from eon to eon the crystalline beds are rearranged; either they are below ground or above where they are the recipients of dirt, dust, water, vegetation, but most importantly VIBRATIONS.

When we came to your planet (over 100,000 years ago) those beds were exposed and received the vibration of the new consciousness of Spirituality that we brought for humanity. The consciousness and vibration still remain, (though many of the crystal beds are now below the surface) stored in the crystalline grid of your planet. These crystal beds have been hibernating, just like your Pleiadian/Lemurian Akash and DNA, waiting for a time, THIS TIME, to reawaken. You carry the connection to that reawakening within you. You recognize the vibrations of higher consciousness stored in the crystalline grid… no wonder you are so attracted to crystals!

Now, find the crystals that you resonate with, ‘mine’ the information within them, and ‘program’ them to work and play with you in the field of all potentials. You are the Starseeds, the powerful creators of a new reality. Use the gifts of your Lemurian Akash to empower your lives, and live as the Divine Humans that you are.

We love you, as our Children, and always stand beside you, living within you as the light. Your Pleiadian Star Mothers.”