Welcome to the Monkey House!

Maybe it’s the proximity of the Stargate in this picture, but I feel like this is how we’re living these days… holding on to the things we know will help us hold on!

What helps you? Probably several things, I’m guessing. My scorecard keeps growing since the two-month indoor exile turned into a huge new paradigm of living.

How about gratitude? Yesterday I was having a ‘gratitude low,’ but today I’ve noticed how sweetly the sun is shining and the full moon is glowing and that started a little happy dance going on inside (and outside!) me.

Keep giving yourself permission to feel – and to surf the wave – as it changes, because it will always change. Reach out, call a friend, take a walk, of course, breathe, trust, and then remember you are dearly loved!

With love streaming from my heart to yours, Amber Mele’ha