Vibrate your “Pine Cone”

It's been many thousands of years that the tiny pineal (Greek for pine cone) gland has been getting the attention of Traditional Medicine practitioners, Yogis, meditators and healers ~ even Socrates spoke about it. How much brain dissection was going on 4,000 years ago? Is it possible that the pineal gland is something so deeply innate to our advancement as a species that it wanted to, needed to be heard? Are we finally ready to work with it in a bigger way?

At my last Lemurian Sisterhood event I was ‘moved’ to or ‘directed’ to do something new; instead of my usual ‘OM-ing’ with the group, I was instructed to have everyone put their tongues on their pallets and OM with their mouths closed. This breath sent a vibration up into the pineal, cleansing and clearing it. Wow! Try it for 3-4 breaths and your whole head will be filled with good vibrations! Our pineal gland makes melatonin (the sleep-regulating hormone) and serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and gets encrusted by FLUORIDE and CHLORINE over time. This can lead to changes in sleep patterns and possibly depression as we age.

This breath is a small thing, but like regular exercise, can be effective and life-changing with practice. Then when you’re ready for a big step up, imagine this vibrating your little pine cone (smile):Tone 29