The Year of Celebrations

Dear Friends ~

I was with my friends yesterday, January 1st, 2014, literally ‘ringing in the New Year.’ We gathered at Chuck (my amazing recording engineer/producer) and Marguerite’s house here in Longmont, CO. We meditated, affirmed, prayed, and then rang our bells, bowls, and gongs! This was our second annual New Year’s gathering and it was the perfect way for me to have this year started.


I think we can all agree to be delighted in leaving 2013 behind – and in my case the further the better. At last year’s ‘ringing in’ Sid was present (in his physical body), so this year was another ‘first’ in that respect. That year has flown by (again thankfully) but it seemed to carry so much intense energy!! DONE!!


Yesterday I wrote my Letter to Spirit for 2014 – more than a wish list, it is filled with affirmations, prayers, desires, and spells. I haven’t printed it out yet, so it's not official, because it still needs tweaking. It's a New Year’s Day thing for me. I just like starting off by letting whoever is listening (and the inner me) to know what sounds like a good plan for the year to come…Sid used to say, ‘man plans, God laughs,' but I do it anyway (I’m more the optimist – smile).


I’m excited about the upcoming event with Lee Carroll and Kryon, on Jan. 11, the Lemurian Sisterhood meeting that night, and Dr. Todd’s event on Jan 12 (all at the Boulder Marriott). This year my personal guests will be Jonathan Goldman, his darling wife Andi, and their son Josh; it's about time that these ‘sound people’ got together! Also, they will bring along the Lemurian Tuning Forks – I haven’t heard them yet – and the Pineal Tuning Forks; more healing and fun sounds.


We’ll have out-of-town guests, too – Monica Muranyi, author of The Gaia Effect, the Kryon collaboration book (she’ll actually be staying with me for 2 months; we’ll have some amazing Goddess time!), and Orion will be driving in from CA starting tomorrow. I missed him at Christmas since he was working. Rubi Hendricks is coming in from North Carolina to handle the registration, so my house and heart will be full -yeah! Now it feels like a holiday!


Part of my ‘fun’ for this year, which is inspired by Andi Goldman, is to have a word – a word of the day, week, month, whatever; something to focus on for that time frame. It's like a meditation; when my mind wants to fret or go too far into the future, I come back to the word. Some examples are ~ beauty, imperfection, balance, dance, breathe, forgive, laugh, compassion, etc. What do you think? I’m a sticky note fan, so the plan is to let the word come in before I get out of bed, write it on the sticky, and put it on the computer screen – maybe on the fridge and in the bathroom, too. I started yesterday with DANCE which inspired me to put on some classic

R&R and boogie around the kitchen while I was cleaning up – much more fun! I’m also noting in my schedule book the word of the day so that when I travel…there it is! Can’t you see me in the exit row with my word of the day LAUGH? Oh yeah – that’s exactly what I need this year, more lightness of being, and may you have your wishes also!