The Ascension Chromosome


Can you remember your last “ah-ha” moment? Aren’t they so cool? This latest one for me was in a field that many of us shared, and that’s why I want to tell you about it today.

It was this past Sunday, May 3, and Lee was giving his opening presentation. I was in my studio ‘with’ him online as we broadcast our second day called Berkeley Springs. It was early in the day so I was still adjusting to Eastern time (from Pacific). Suddenly, there were words that made me literally sit up and take notice – take notes. Lee was talking about the 24th strand of DNA – the multi-dimensional one.


What were his exact words? I don’t remember. But, what I wrote down was, “the ascension chromosome lives there – our shamanic wisdom, our Akashic memories, the ancient teachings…” Then, time sort of stood still as it does during a download. I don’t remember what else Lee said then… I was just floating on those words and could feel my own DNA jumping for joy! “Yes, that makes perfect sense!” I took more notes in the margins of my daily schedule and have been with the energy of those awakening words ever since.


I know on the clock those moments are just that – a few ticks – but the message continues to touch me with a direction that was unknown to me until that moment. 

With gratitude for the benevolence and grace that cross my path, Amber Mele’ha