Symptoms of Ascension

This newsletter’s title comes from our most recent addition to the Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles host family, Heather Hodovance, of Flagler Beach, FL. She started a discussion group called, Symptoms of Ascension – we are all experiencing that in some form, aren’t we? And instead of feeling disconnected by these symptoms, she chose to be proactive and m-o-v-e the energy! Thank you, Heather, for your inspiration!

As I travel the globe, I experience many of you who are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed (myself included). We feel driven to keep up with many things: technology and social media – check, the latest bad news – check, health concerns – check, politics – check…no wonder! Finding ourselves in a mass planetary shift (yes, I know we chose to be here now) can be exhausting. How do we live, love and prosper through these times? Perhaps this will help:

  1. Start by taking care of yourself first thing, no matter what! (you know how they say on airplanes, ‘put your oxygen mask on first before assisting anyone else’ – that’s it!). Start your day with ME time. What do you love to do to feel your best – dancing, meditation, a run, writing, yoga? Do it first!
  2. Celebrate yourself! Next time you pass a mirror, STOP and say out loud, I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE AMAZING! The more often the better – if you don’t who else will? This will decrease your body’s acidity and stabilize your blood pressure, blood sugar, and pulse rate – not to mention make you smile!
  3.  Take little breaks during the day. Even if its only 2 minutes of Balanced Breathing or Heart Focused breathing…just 2 minutes will lower your cortisol (a life-sustaining overworked adrenal hormone) level and increase your ‘feel good’ hormones; seratonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.
  4. Walk away from technology and out the door! Get up from sitting every hour for at least 10 minutes. Just a 10-minute walk (swinging your arms helps) outdoors can rebalance your brain hemispheres and increase your circulation.
  5.  Stop ‘should-ing’ on yourself! For example: “I should exercise more, I should lose ten pounds, I should take the stairs, I should, I should.” Either DO it or DON’T, stop the harsh judgments! It’s OK if you do, it’s OK if you don’t. Be more gentle (and accepting of your wonderful Self!
  6.  Be grateful OUT LOUD – your cells are listening! Our cells are filled with water and vibrate to spoken and unspoken words. Say your appreciations out loud, even if you’re the only one listening! You are the most important one hearing!

You can begin by practicing ONE thing ONCE a day and feel your self-love and over-all health expand!

May you continue with the symptoms of Divine Ascension and may the Light of the Divine touch your hearts and be multiplied and sent out into the world! We are all One Humanity ~*~*


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