Shape Shifting

When we hear the words “shape-shifting,” what does that conjure up in our imaginations? I first got an image of Don Juan, the Yaqui Indian in Carlos Castenada’s magical tales, then an earlier version of a witch shifting shape into her familiar – a black cat or a raven. The Pleiadian Star Mothers have given me the new meaning to that ancient concept.

In the more modern translation of Shape-Shifting, according to the Star Mothers, we are all shape-shifting daily – now there’s a concept! We are all capable and do it quite often, but unconsciously. We might shift from a sleepy morning person to a runner on the trail, or maybe a yogini, or a writer. Then we shift into the kitchen crew for breakfast… do you see where I’m going with this? We are all capable of being many things, many hats, many faces. What the Shape Shifters of the past did differently was to focus their intention to ‘be’ something, someone, or somewhere else. Today, we are more fluid, but also more unconscious about it.

Are you ready for modern-day Shape-Shifting instructions? During an interview yesterday, I gave a Star Mother’s channel, where they gave a ‘method’ for conscious Shape Shifting; something we can do every day, once or as often as we’d like, and here it is step by step:

  1. Close your eyes, take a few slow and deep breaths.
  2. Bring your awareness to your 3rd eye, 6th chakra, or 6th Star Center (as the Star Mothers call it).
  3. Imagine or see a small point of light there, softly glowing, and hold that focus for a few moments. Breathe.
  4. Become aware of your pineal gland, deep in your brain… say ‘hello’ to it.
  5. Visualize a filament of light connecting your third eye to the pineal gland. Be with that connection for a few moments, breathing softly.
  6. Next, bring your awareness to a point just above your head, your 7th chakra, 7th Star Center.
  7. Connect the filament of light from your pineal gland to that 7th Center. Take a breath. 8. With that connection in place, visualize the filament of light coming down to your 6th Center. This creates a complete triangle from the 6th Center to the pineal, the pineal to the 7th Center, the 7th Center back to the 6th.
  8. Once this triangle of light is in place, ask to be conscious of your fluid transformations during the day, and to be present to each moment you are transforming. Say “yes.”
  9. Breathe deeply and give thanks to your radiant Star Mothers for their loving instructions.

Why do all this, you might ask? Because the power of shapeshifting is being aware of changes in your energy… being present, and honoring it. This little gift from the Star Mothers is a tool to more fully experience the magical being you already are!!

Divine blessings, Amber Mele’ha