Sacred Balancing Act


Since my Catholic, East Coast, ’60s upbringing, I’ve come a long way - haven't we all, thankfully? I feel like I've been through many incarnations in this life - and I'm not done yet. The world of Nature has been an incredible teacher blessing and teacher for me, showing me Her deepest balance. What is cold and dark in the winter becomes a riot of light, color, and sounds as it comes awake in the spring and summer – always moving towards balance.


Sometimes balance takes a full year to achieve, or even 20 – or it can seem to happen in an instant. In one moment I can go from feeling receptive and open to feeling like a powerful creator. As I move into the wisdom years of my life, I’m becoming more aware of honoring this process of balance. I see ‘finding balance’ more like riding a wave; sometimes it’s up, sometimes it's down, but always in some kind of motion – always seeking balance and harmony.


Whether our physical body is male or female, there is a place inside that is the other, and like the natural world, it seeks balance and thrives when we are closer to the center of it. There were years of wishing I were a man so that I could be powerful and have more choices in my life, but now I am delighted to be a woman – in love with my Sacred Feminine-ness.


I have learned to also honor, appreciate and cultivate my Sacred Masculine as a beautiful Brother that I share a body and soul with. He balances my She, and She my He in so many ways. Neither is better or more important than the other– I need both to exist on this Earth. I was a single mom for many years and was both parents, and I have to say, it's easier for me to go into my masculine (I can do it!) self than be in the vulnerable position of asking for support.


As we begin to awaken to this deeper innate connection of Sacred Feminine/Masculine Balance we can become more actively present in our place in the world as a whole and balanced Being. We have the opportunity to be our own resource for happiness and health, and in turn that energy ripples out into the world creating change and peace. It's no small thing to look into our gender programs and see where they stop us from experiencing wholeness.


We are only learning how to “be the change”  in our brave new world consciousness. To me, this means honoring myself from inside my Sacred Balance of Masculine and Feminine. This is the understanding of the healed wisdom they both bring when they come together in sacredness. When we each learn to honor the ebb and flow of our energy, emotions, and strength we have choices. From here, a place of possibility, your innate intelligence will communicate the gift of its balanced wisdom.