Releasing the 2016 Monkey

“Flowing like water” is the recommendation for getting through – and getting along with – 2016. It’s about looking at life outside of the box of what we’ve known, and acting from a new place of Being even when the same old things seem to be happening. It’s a year for letting go of the old – the year of the Red Fire Monkey. That brings to mind a bonfire of what no longer serves me.
Why is it that this sounds so easy and is so, so ‘challenging?’ What a wonderful ‘opportunity,’ thank you very much. The new age platitudes can drive me nuts when the unexpected and unexplainable are creating havoc in my life!!! Or SEEMS to be creating havoc…
Again and again, I pray, I breathe. I do know about energy and what happens when I give mine (in old patterned behaviors) to things that cause fear-reactions. AAAK! I’m unplugging and trusting that there is still more for me to learn, that it’s not time for a recalibration vacation… in other words, I’m not there yet. Sigh, okay, whatever. I spend a few moments grumbling, I admit it. Or a few moments with high blood pressure. Then, yes, I put on my Goddess big panties and deal with it!

What I do know is that coming back to the Love always bails me out of my mental messes, whatever the cause. Trusting in the benevolent energies that I cannot see at play… I feel it, and know it is real. Why is the invisible so quickly forgotten – even the beautiful invisible like this Love? Asking ‘why’ doesn’t help, but it gets me to the ‘being’ state which is where an understanding is waiting patiently for me – thankfully. It’s a journey and I am blessed by each swerving fork in the road!