Our Multi-Dimensional Family

For some folks the relationship between Lee Carroll, Ya-ee (Dr. Todd) and Mele’ha (me) seems almost a forgone conclusion (smile). When I look at this photo taken at the Avalon Choir, I happily go back to the love wash I felt during the Kryon channel that announced our Pleiadian familial connection and feel a sense of wonder. And in this photo are rows and rows of Family!
There were many peak moments for me at the Sacred Sites and Stone Circles we visited in those weeks. Leading the meditations before the Kryon channels and helping to hold that sacred space, is a divine gift for me lifetimes in the making. The four private visits we had in Stonehenge (in one day – my birthday!) have reawakened more memories in my Akash of ancient ceremonies during those many lifetimes – abundant ancestral mysteries unfolding!

Over the 3 weeks of the Kryon Magical Mystery Tour, Kryon gave us many ‘alternative histories’ that are multi-dimensional. They are: 1. of the new energy – post 2012, 2. based in love and cooperation, not competition and fear, and 3. contain many metaphors of the ‘hero’s journey’ especially concerning the Arthurian legends of Avalon.

Is our life like a Hero’s Journey? I have been looking more deeply into that offering. Kryon said that the hero/heroine needs three things: 1. a quest (and its obstacles), 2. companions, and 3. a wizard. As I look into the lives of the Old Soul Family, I see so many of us whose lives are that – a hero’s journey, sometimes from day one! Did we (the collective of Old Soul’s) come to Earth to save humankind from destruction (the quest)? Do we have companions (of course)? And what about the Wizard? Isn’t one of our very first fairy tales the Wizard of Oz? The quest, the companions and the wizard, the obstacles. How many times in your life have you faced these components?

We have many modern day wizards, don’t we? Kryon being one of them (smile), and others: Gandhi, Deepak, Oprah, Buddha, Yeshua. Maybe you are someone’s wizard when they are on their quest and facing obstacles…or perhaps you are a companion. In these archetypes we find multi-dimensional facets of our soul ‘alternative histories’ that connect to our ancient Family, like the 3 of us in the photo above! And how great when the dots connect!