Our Future Memory Crystals



If you are reading this, chances are you have a love of crystals, as I do. Or any stones. I am partial to clear quartz, then rose quartz, then amethyst. They are all relatives, actually, and the color depends on age and other minerals around them while they are in the ‘compression’ stage. I am more interested in the above-the-ground, however.


Do you have a little altar where your crystals live? Perhaps they move around. I just put a small white quartz cluster under the stand of my water purifier… why not? They do get dusty, and like to be rinsed in cool, salty water, then set in the sun until they are fully dry.


When I had my office practice, for about 35 years, there were always crystals around of all shapes, colors and sizes. Sometimes they just sit and hold sacred space. However, I can’t tell how many times I would take my place at the head of the treatment table only to hear, “He/she needs a (specific) crystal between their feet, or in one hand or both, under the table in a specific place.


Did you know that we have multi-dimensional memory crystals in our brains that store, activate, and download memories easily – like a crystal filing system? This is new information from the Star Mothers for us. I believe that is why we are so called to crystals and they to us. Don’t you sometimes feel like they find us, and sometimes so unexpectedly? Yes, we actually have neuron memory crystals in our brains!


We’ve been told by Kryon (for many years) about the Cave of Creation where our Akashic Record Crystal resides. We can access our Akashic Record Crystal, which stores our past life memories, and learn from past wisdom and heal past pains. If you’d like to be guided through a journey of accessing your past lives, I created an audio-guided voyage that you can access at


Now that we know what awaits us in our crystals, why not everyday memories, also? Our neuron memory crystals are multi-dimensional and accessible! And wouldn’t that be nice to use each day? One of the ways to do this is with these Star Mothers' directions. As always, begin with your focused intent. I suggest that you create a ceremony or affirmation message to speak to your brain memory crystal that is direct. You could try something like, “Hello my magnificent Memory Crystal. Today you will help me remember everything that I need to remember with ease.” Repeat 3 times, with a big breath between each statement. I’m doing it!


Just for the icing on the crystal cake, the Star Mothers asked me to give you this. “Now that. You are using the crystals from the past to open your present memory you can use them to create your future.” They advise to do something similar, but instead of speaking to your memory crystals to help you remember something, ask them to help you create your future! I love this! Begin again, with a ceremony and focused intention, and speak to your crystal neurons, giving them words, pictures, and feelings of the magnificent you that is unfolding as soon as tomorrow.


Isn’t it great to have self-empowering tools to bring our consciousness forward into the light? I’m doing it and I hope you’ll join me!