Moving Beyond Limitations

To move beyond limitations we need to know where they come from and how they work. Some limitations are there to protect us from making ‘the same mistake twice,’ and that can be a good thing – we are protected. However, most of the time we don’t realize the limiting conversation that is going on inside our heads – a monologue that is there, giving opinions in an incessant barrage of judgments, criticisms, and fears. We receive much of this programming (and more) as very young children – some suggest in even utero – that becomes the defining conversation of our lives.

To move beyond limitations we need to realize what they are when they appear and see/hear them for what they are – the unreal voices in our heads that are set up by fear factors. I believe that anything that limits us has its roots in fear, and we need to recognize that first. Many times the fear voice seems so real that we don’t recognize that there are other voices or possibilities available to us.

We always have a choice; fear or love, limits or possibilities. The trick is remembering that we do have a choice, then take a breath and look again. I believe that using tools can help us reprogram the limiting beliefs – we need to apply something to the root cause of the fear (even if we don’t know the cause) to create a shift in thinking and feeling. There are many exercises, meditations and mantras that can be used to move the energy of fear. I see this as a whole body experience; in other words, you can’t just resolve to change something, there has be an action that changes the body chemistry, the morphic field, the emotional body and then the mind can shift out of limits and into creative magic!

There are many tools that I teach…this is another subject..stay tuned!