Let’s Get Entangled

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Let’s Get Entangled

These past weeks, along with many other folks around the world, I’ve been filled with sorrow for the events transpiring in Ukraine and feeling helpless to ‘do’ anything in a bigger way about it. Then, this came to me…

Consciously or unconsciously, we all participate in the subtle dimension – energy field – of the world. When I am feeling hopeless or sorrowful, that’s the energy I generate into the field.

In this ah-ha moment, I have the ability to shift those thoughts and feelings to generate and embody a field of positive energy around me. There, I can hold the spiritual qualities of love, peace, truth, courage, and compassion, and “stream” those qualities from my heart into the field.

When we share this beautiful field with others, it can be a source of vitality, healing, and blessings. We become as in quantum physics, “entangled.” What affects one affects all and vice versa – and in a great way!

Isn’t this the perfect time to draw from the well of our blessings? Let’s generate positive feelings, embody them, and send waves of blessings, prayers, or healing anywhere that is calling for them – we can encircle the planet! This is why we are here, Lightworkers, creating the wave for a new humanity.

Shining my entangled light to yours, Amber Mele’ha