Lemurian or Shamanic: Which Teaching Wheel is Which?


If you are one of the folks asking questions and looking for clarity about these two Wheels, are you ready to hear about the differences and similarities between them?



Kryon and the Pleiadian Star Mothers brought through the Lemurian Teaching Wheel in 2017 during the event Return to Lemuria, on the Big Island of Hawaii. What a sweet and beautiful time. Lee/Kryon was seated between Kahauna Kalei'ili'ahi and me when this sacred information came through, as he was "pulling on the Akash of the women on either side of me" for the information.



Given by the Pleiadian Star Mothers to humanity as a sacred and simple teaching device, the Lemurian Teaching Wheel brought them core spiritual truths. The LTW has two sides, the first side is for children of all genders, who then will graduate to the (other) adult side of the wheel. At age 13, the male children leave the LTW and go off with the men for 'life teachings.' The young women can stay as long as they're called to, or they are allowed to graduate into the Shamanic Teaching Wheel as early as age 13.



The Shamanic Teaching Wheel was given to me by Kryon and the Pleiadian Star Mothers in 2019. It is a graduate wheel for women only who were taught practical shamanism by the Pleiadian Star Mothers or their direct descendants. It was not for all women, but for the determined ones who were ready to dedicate their time to the Shamanic teachings.

According to Kryon, in Lemuria, my mother was a Pleiadian and I was the last Priestess/Shawoman of Lemuria (before it underwent its physical changes!). That is why the Shamanic Teaching Wheel and its deeper teachings are my sacred assignment. Kryon has told me that the STW has continuous and timeless layers of teachings for me to delve into and teach.



These beautiful, life-enhancing wheels intertwine, support, and complement each other. The basic differences are in the age levels and gender specificity, and the idea that the STW is a graduate wheel for women who are called to live as practical shawomen. Both wheels are truly ancient wisdom for modern times. One wheel is not better than or more valuable than the other. They are compatible and harmonious companions that will press on your Lemurian Akashic memories in a loving and life-expanding way.



The STW opened on April 16, 2022. It is a (powerful and delicious) self-paced study, divided into Modules with Lessons, two live Zoom meetings with a live Community Connection meeting, live Q & A, Star Mother channels, and a private Facebook community. You can find out more about the Shamanic Teaching Wheel courses and take a free introductory course at the Lemurian Shamanism School.



The LTW is now available. I have been in the studio with Lee and Monika as they were creating and recording the LTW, and am so inspired by the wonderful Star Mother's teaching stories and Kryon channels that make up these comprehensive and profound classes. Kryon, Lee, Monika, Kryon, and the Star Mothers delve into wheel history and the different levels of meaning of each part of the wheel.



What a joy to be connected to the lovely people (Lee and Monika) and Beings (Star Mothers) who have brought these wheels to humanity!

Love from my Pleiadian heart to yours~*~ Amber Mele'ha