Lemurian Codes for Activation

Since my Akashic Awakening on 9/9/11, I have been receiving a melding with Mele’ha, the Lemurian Priestess life that I lived in the ancient days – the last days of Lemuria. The Akashic Awaken experience has been life-changing. What has followed are the Lemurian Sisterhood, the many loving and informative messages from Kryon, and the opening of portals of information from that Lemurian lifetime.

The most recent emergence of information is the Lemurian Codes for Activation. Birthing these Codes into this dimension through the Ancient Ones has been benevolent and synchronous each step of the way. It was as simple as me saying ‘yes’ to the process and as complex as learning a completely new language. My DNA knows the language already, but it has been sleeping for … a very long time!

Since 2011, Kryon has given me several sacred assignments, and I believe that each one builds energetically on the last. The Lemurian Codes for Activation interact with the body through a series of images, and a language that Kryon has called ‘the third language’ – the language of energy, and the Merkaba field in each of us.

In manifesting the Codes, Spirit has led me to collaborate with artist Aurelien Pumayana Floret. He is a visionary whose work awoke an Akashic Remembrance in me that touched my genetic code and left my DNA deeply activated. Through his own awakening and generosity in working with me, the Lemurian Codes for Activation are here to reconnect to our genetic code through the visual portal.

There are a series of 11 very distinct images, and instructions for each one. These tools for transformation, given by the Pleiadian Star Mothers (Seven Sisters), help reawaken the ‘sleeping’ activation sites throughout the body.

I’m excited to share this system for the first time publicly at the Kryon Summer Light Conference in Big Sky, Montana on 6/6/17 from 9 am – 1 pm.
Blessings ~*~ Amber Mele’ha

My heartfelt thanks to my Goddess editor, Catrina Mianecki who patiently made sense of the first channeled messages, and to my web Goddess, Mary Sweet, who put the project together in a form that is ready to be in the world.