Freeze, Thaw, Rinse, Repeat…


After returning from FREEZING Edmonton, Canada, I take off tomorrow for Sarasota, FL. When I return on Tuesday I am home for two days then head to Vancouver, then home and San Antonio – see what I mean? And now it’s supposed to snow right before we leave for Sarasota! I have to admit, I’m a blessed traveler (knock wood and anything else in sight!), but I do believe that my intentions, prayers and guardians have a lot to do with that. So, when I’m holding my printed ‘itin’ I visualize it all going smoothly, with grace and ease, and pleasant surprises like upgrades, smooth air, pleasant seat mates, luggage arriving, good health, on-time departures and arrivals, pre-screened security, short lines. Why not? Breathing helps, of course, even when the lines are long (smile) and so do naps, and goddess bless my Kindle!


Last night I slept with a half-unpacked suitcase on the bottom corner of the bed – unpack from winter, repack for summer. Of course, this means very organized closets and shopping (which happens in airports a lot) and a good relationship with my washer and dryer. Then, my wonderful suitcases – Rimowa. In the past, I never would have spent so much on luggage, but with Sid’s avid encouragement, I jumped into that world and boy am I glad I did! These babies have four double wheels, like hefty roller blades, and practically propel themselves, even when they are topped out at 49.5 pounds (another smile). And they do get beat up, but ‘keep on ticking.’  


Need to go to the gym? Nah, not with a 25-pound carry-on in tow! Those overhead lifts into the bin above, using my knees, of course. I try not to sit when I’m waiting for a flight, always wearing walking shoes so I can go in circles near the gate or from one end of the concourse to the other; then there’s stretching in a corner somewhere. I’ve given up caring about what casual travelers think of us road warriors…or we casually dressed road warriors Goddesses! God bless the men who travel in a suit and women in heels and pantyhose! Not for me, but also my rule is (just like every day), sweats are for in the house or the walking trail, not for shopping or traveling in. I’m a jeans fan when traveling like millions of other people. Jeans (especially the newer ones) say casual but not messy, and the designer ones say casual with a bit more.


Carry-on bags are a category of preparation;  an “Amber says” travel tip, ‘never zip your suitcase until you’re ready to roll it out the door’ because inevitably you will want to put in that ‘one more thing' and it’s so much easier to place it in a nook when the suitcase is open then try to stuff it between the zippers when it's standing…yeah – zipper burn, that’s how I learned. Happy travels to you until we meet again!