Eyes of the Galaxy

As the Year of Illumination progresses our world is experiencing constant waves of polarity. There is more light and awareness and the big challenge of the opposite – as we know too well.

The recent Kryon channels have helped guide us to a loving focus of the question, “What can we do about this?” Each of us has to find our own answers and path through the shadows, remembering there is always light guide us. And trust…isn’t that usually the hardest place to meet a shadow?

One of the most challenging moments when dealing with shadows is the feeling of being alone – isolated in our feeling of helplessness. That is when I appreciate our Family – the community that we have created (with the big help of the internet, of course!) that connects us across the globe. We can find old friends and make new ones at the Kryon and Lemurian Sisterhood meetings and we can continue those connections after the meeting is over.

I encourage you to be active in your own well-being and self-care; reach out, take a chance, be courageous and meet your Family! We are the ones who are making the change to the LIGHT and we multiply our light when its reflected in a circle of loved ones, and when we are loved. I have created several Facebook groups and there is a lovely one called Kryon Family that are just for connecting to folks across the globe, or finding Family in your area.

Step out with your light into the world to find other lights and attract other lights; together we SHINE bigger and brighter – and it feels pretty darn good to be a vessel of light, don’t you think?

May we meet on the Light Grid or our paths cross on the road, dear Family!


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