Do-In Exercises

This presentation is not the complete, in-depth formal practice, but an introduction to the art and form of Do-In. If you practice this form daily, you will be giving your body, mind and spirit: clearing and release of stagnation of physical energy in the major organs and glands and cleansing of the energy field so that your connection with Spirit can be more available. Important things to know about Do-In are:

  • It is ancient – over 5000 years old! Some say it pre-dates yoga
  • Completely ‘self’ exercises; you only need you
  • Will help develop mental and spiritual abilities
  • Can be practiced by anyone, in any place, using only a short period of time
  • Utilize the meridians to activate the flow of electromagnetic current and energy throughout various parts to the body and the organs.
  • Treat tissues and muscles, releasing any stagnation
  • Deal with vibrational energy running within and surrounding our body
  • Do-In does not regard human beings a physical and material, but as vibrational and spiritual

Breathing preparation

Sit with the spine straight, so that the current between heaven and earth is in alignment with our spine. Close eyes. Cup hands in lap with left hand on top of the right, thumbs touching. Breathe gently through the nose, calming and quieting the mind. Take 4 breaths.

Open the eyes.


We begin by stimulating the hands where all the meridians terminate, and all the organ connections are. Rub the hands together briskly to bring more healing to the organs and bones through the hands and also to increase the current of healing energy we bring to the places we touch.

Keep the fingers slightly open and palms touching. Rub the back of each hand. Place hands around the wrists, rotating the opposite hand while rubbing. Gently squeeze the four fingers together, then the thumbs. Squeeze each finger, at knuckles. Press into palms with thumbs. Gently pinch the outsides of the palms and thumb mound. When complete, shake out hands.

Face / Cheeks

Place palms on cheeks at jaw bones, thumbs back towards ears. Press hands up several times until cheeks become warm. This will release saliva and lymph fluid.


These exercises improve eyesight, eliminating near/far sightedness, detached retina, glaucoma, astigmatism. Also can regulate heartbeat and BP, and improve circulation and general mental condition.

  • place palms over eyes for several breaths to warm up eyes
  • using index, middle and ring fingers press firmly on bony edge of upper socket, from inside to outside edge x3
  • use same fingers, press above eyeball slightly deep (w/out discomfort) and vibrate lightly. Release suddenly.
  • use same fingers, press below eyeball and vibrate slightly, release suddenly
  • press softly on eyeballs with flat fingers x3
  • place palms over eyes; look up and down as far as possible x 10, left/right as far as possible x10, circle clockwise x10 and counter clockwise  x 10
  • pick up lid and vibrate 50-100 times, hearing the sound of water
  • with index finger and thumb, pinch bridge of nose at corners of eyes for 10 seconds, release suddenly, repeat 3-5 x


Benefit general function of stomach, pancreas, lungs and clear mind.

  • with thumb and index finger rub both sides of nose until it becomes warm
  • with thumb, index and middle finger squeeze nose from bridge to tip
  • do alternate nostril breathing 5 x each side

Mouth and Jaw

Strengthen digestive system and excretory functions

  • with 4 fingers of both hands, press deeply under the mouth up jaw to ear, using circular motion 5-10 x
  • using pad of thumb press under cheek bone, one finger width from nose, in circle
  • with thumbs press deeply under jaw from chin to ears in circular motion


  • with thumb and index finger press indented point below the ear, between jaw and neck. Press deeply each time and release suddenly
  • with first 3 fingers press around the ear several times
  • with same finger, rub the 3 ridges of the ear; the outer ridge stimulates blood and lymph circulation, middle ridge stimulating the nervous system, inner to activate the digestive functions.
  • squeeze earlobe several times to release stagnation in all part of the body
  • rub the whole ear up and down until it becomes warm
  • with palms, bat ears from behind 10-20 x
  • place middle fingers deeply in ears; vibrate them and release suddenly 3-5x


  • place 4 fingers and thumbs on forehead; press deeply and make circles 12 x
  • move hands to top of head and repeat
  • move hands to occipital ridge, repeat
  • top of neck, repeat
  • hands on upper temples
  • hands on lower temples
  • above ears
  • back, bottom of ears
  • spread fingers out on scalp and push it back and forth several times

Soft Fists

With soft, lightly gripped fists, we stimulate our entire head region lightly, as if gently bouncing all over the head, top, sides and back and down the neck


  • with thumbs press deeply into the boney occipital ridge from neck to ears
  • thumbs at center of ridge, with slight resistance, press the head forward and back 3x
  • interlace fingers and squeeze neck muscles together with heels of hands
  • with both soft fists stimulate back of neck into shoulders
  • use right fist on left neck down into shoulder
  • left fist on right neck down into shoulder
  • tilt head forward and back 3x
  • side to side 3 x


  • raise up shoulders as much as possible, squeezing and hold, 2, 3 and release quickly 3x
  • raise right shoulder and lower left, alternating shoulders x3
  • squeeze upper shoulder muscle from neck to arm


  • with soft fists stimulate arms from shoulder to wrist on inner arm  x3
  • top of arm x3
  • outer arm x3
  • gently rub elbows to encourages flexible joints


  • place hand on upper chest and press slightly and breathe into hands x3
  • lower chest
  • abdominal region
  • outer upper chest (ribs)
  • waist
  • mid back
  • lightly soft fists to upper chest, outer rib cage
  • down into stomach, intestines, bladder
  • lean forward and do back from as high up as you can reach


  • with loose fists lightly pound down along the outer legs to knees x3
  • top of thigh to knee x3
  • inner thigh
  • squeeze and rub knee joints
  • outer calves
  • back of calves
  • inner calves


  • rub ankles with hands circling them
  • rub the area on either side of Achilles tendon
  • rub the top of the feet
  • the insole/arch/ball
  • squeeze and rub each toe
  • holding below toe joints pull all toes back towards instep
  • press toes away
  • circle feet clockwise and counter clockwise x3


  • stand and bounce lightly on both feet
  • bounce on one foot at a time
  • swing arms from side to side, gently
  • reach up, taking a deep breath in
  • exhale, swinging the arms across the body, bending over. X3