Celebrate Self-Love

Celebrate yourself with LOVE; gobs of Self-Love!

Put yourself back in the center of the picture of your life!

  1. Treat yourself. You know best what brings you joy what replenishes you. I find it helpful to have a list to refer to… I love lists!
  2. Listen to yourself, your inner self. Listen to your intuition, your innate, your inner voice – whatever you call it. Sit quietly and allow your mind the space to know itself.
  3. Care for yourself the way you care for others. What things do you do or suggest for others? Do those things for yourself – you deserve at least that same quality of care.
  4. Make a list of your good qualities. It’s human and understandable to sometimes feel inadequate, embarrassed, or frustrated. Imagine someone who loves you a lot naming the many positive things about you, then do that happily for yourself.
  5. Forgive yourself. Self-forgiveness is different for everyone. We can all make mistakes and beat ourselves up over them, feeling guilty or ashamed. With self-forgiveness, we move forward with the wisdom we’ve gained and we can shift our focus back to loving self-care, finding a more solid footing in body, mind, and spirit.

Love yourself as you love others, with dedication and focus and you’ll have more to offer the world as a result. Yay for you!

My deepest and BIGGEST love flowing from my heart to yours,

Amber Mele’ha