2013 In the Rear View Mirror

Did you feel the smallest full moon of 2014 as it rose in the night sky  on Jan. 15?  It was sort of a relief for me; not too intense, but glad it passed and took the emotions of the moon with it. This was a  mini-moon – a full moon at apogee, or its farthest point from the planet, which may explain the neutral feeling I had on the 15th as I wrapped up the Kryon/Lemurian Sisterhood/Pineal Tones weekend. Not that the weekend wasn’t FANTASTIC in so many ways, but I wasn’t feeling the intensity – or perhaps I should say the roller coaster – of some full moons…and that’s OK with me!

The first Kryon channel of 2014 (here in Boulder) is now up on the Kryon website; it was very global in message – global in that Kryon talked about world politics and global in the over all energy of the planet.

Following the channel we prepared for the Lemurian Sisterhood evening. Lee asked me if I would like a Kryon channel before the LS meeting – who would say ‘no’ to that?? Kryon had a plan, and it was to honor my part in bringing the Sisterhood back to the earth now, and to honor me with my Lemurian name; MeLe’ha – wow! – I am blessed and honored to have awakened my Akash in the traditions of the Lemurian Sisterhood, bringing ‘her’  into the present with “New Traditions” based on the sacred traditions of the ancient days. I was a beautiful, powerful evening in the vortex of the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Boulder and we  sisters rocked the house! Thank you dear Sisters!

Many thanks to you dear Lee and Kryon for your anchoring the energy of this year, the Lemurian Sisterhood and the energy of love for the planet as we enter 2014 together. Bye-bye 2013; on to new vistas with our grand intentions! Blessings~*~*~Amber


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